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  1. This post isnt going to be about weed but more as a rant or venting about what my parents did. So I have had a dog since I was 12 (I am now 18). Lately the dog has become a little ill, and has not been the same. So after I smoked a bowl I went to make myself a sandwich, and after I was looking for the dog. I thought my parents left her outside for some reason, but she wasn't there. So I went to ask my sister and brother where the dog is and where the dog is, and they tell me my parents put her down. My brothers friend even knew, and my parents never even had the respect to tell me. Or warn me so I could say goodbye to her. It really pisses me off how fucked up parents could be.
  2. Shit man, sorry to hear that. But maybe try to think they were doing it for the good. Because if you knew that they were going to put her down, you'd feel even worse. And, they might've assumed that you would've expected it if she was already ill.

    But cheer up mate, there's bud to be smoked. :)
  3. long drawn out goodbyes are extremely difficult especially with pets you've grown up with it's like saying goodbye to a sibling. getting it over quickly is easier for everyone. when my first dog was put down i went to the vet with my mom. to this day i wish i hadn't.
  4. That's fucked up no doubt. My choco lab is ten now and if my parents just put her down without telling me id feel like shit. I feel for ya man
  5. That's fucking horrible.. what is wrong with your parents?
  6. Sucks man. Tell them to get you a new dog to compensate. I'll toke one for the pup. Love animals man
  7. Seems like you need to put your parents down.

  8. Im sorry man. I know how ya feel
  9. Wow, take it out on them, that's not cool at all.
  10. Thought this was gonna be another thread some pre-pube teen made about how he wants to kill his parents because they took his weed...sorry, but damn that's messed i have dogs too and i love em like there family n shit i pretty much raised them from pups. I'd feel the same way if i were you.

    But try n calm down, smoke some bud, and when you feel ready try n talk to ur parents about it. It's not good to hold in anger you have against people, it helps to talk it out.
  11. Saying good bye to it would of been too hard man
  12. Man ill admit i love my dog and if it were to be put down i dont know what id do
  13. Sucks man, that's like losing a friend.
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    How could you say fuck parents when they fucked to have you?

    Sorry about the dog though :(
  15. They probably told you but you were too stoned off your ass.
  16. Obviously you need to "put down" your least favorite sibling and not tell your parents.
  17. fuck that if my parents where to put down my dogs id want to know before they even had decided, when they wer discussing it. Pretty fucked how you didnt even know yet your brothers friend did, fuck your parents that was a douche move
  18. I teared up a bit :(

  19. im willing to bet youll come out of it just fine...
    the kids 18, plain n simple, he deserved the right to know that his dog was getting put down....its not like he was 8 yrs old and mommy n daddy wanted to shield him from death.....thats life, dogs die....hes 18, a big boy, and shoulda been allowed to grieve properly like the rest of us
  20. dude thats rough. you def need to ask them about that shit.

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