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  1. hey everyone

    omg i'm fucking freaking out right now. So, I picked up a half eighth of krip earlier. I texted my friends number and wrote OMG, JUST GOT THE WEED, I CANT WAIT (because we haven't smoked in a while).

    Turns out, its my friends OLD phone number I texted by mistake. I get a text back saying U HAVE THE WRONG NUMBER. I'm scared as fuck, considering my city is super strict about weed. I just took the battery out of my phone. IDK what to do. I'm really hoping they don't report my number or something , because then i'm seriously fucked. Any advice? Sorry, i'm freaking out hah.
  2. by the way - krip = dank.
  3. i wouldn't really trip. just txt your friend's new number and get with the smoking. if someone DOES call the cops you don't want to be around your place.
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    Dont fret nothing is going to happen.

    Hey bro. Just think of another reason why you would text a friend that. Set your mind that it is the story and go with it. People suspect suspicious behavior. If you're paranoid (which you seem) then just either forget about it or text them back saying, "lol..sorry, i was just messing with my friend. thanks for the heads up and have a good one." It should allow you to chill out and they will think nothing of it. People usually follow others behaviors and actions. So set the tone.
  5. I'm not an expert on the law or anything, but this doesn't really seem like evidence against you. It could just be a lie or a prank, no way they can know for sure. I would be worried too if put in that kind of situation, but when you really consider the outcomes what is the worst that can happen:confused_2:.......famous last words.;)
  6. you're overreacting. just text your friend using the correct number. No one would report that, even if some one did, the cops wouldn't trace your phone and shit. they have real criminals to catch
  7. like everyone said, your overreacting. i really doubt they would call the cops or anything, if they do, tell them it was a prank you were doing to your old friend and you had the wrong number.
  8. Most likely you'll be fine. In the off chance you aren't... there isn't much you can do.

    So don't worry about.
  9. I'm pretty sure cops aren't supposed to trace cell phones unless its a case of kidnapping or at least something much more unlawful than a simple text message that could be interpreted on many different levels. Like how does the dude not know it wasn't an inside joke or whatever, i highly doubt anyone would report that even if they could, it'd just be a waste of time imo.
  10. all i now is, that if i (or even my parents) got that message they would jsut show everyone and laugh about it. if some1 called hte cops they are retarded...
  11. I can see it now...

    <knocks on door>
    <knocks on door>

    Ocifer Piggy Piggy: Hello, we received a complaint from someone who claims you texted them with a message referencing marijuana, turn around son, you're under arrest!

    you're just being too paranoid bro.
  12. Oh no, a half eighth? Their getting the DEA involved for this one....
  13. I wanted to respond with your amazingly stupid but that would be rude...
    I want my 15 seconds back

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