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Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by 2packush420, Jun 5, 2013.

  1. I'm bored and want to watch/read theory's, ideas, thoughts etc. that would mind fuck me. Anyone got any videos or want to type out a theory that would mind fuck me.
  2. Damn^^
  3. Deep down, if you look into yourself, you know life has no meaning. Of course there is no god. Of course nothing really matters, because whatever happens, everyone will die and in the end no one will remember any of it and it will be like nothing happened anyway. There is so many horrors that happen. Life is just horrible.

    What else do you find when you look deep down? A single atom. So I ask you, fathom the atom!
    Fathom the atom. Fathom that it even exists, instead of nothing. Why the fuck does anything exist? Fathom how the atom works! Why the fuck do these laws of the universe exist? How the fuck are these subatomic particles doing what they are doing? Its fucking amazing! Now further fathom that there are trillions to the trillionth power of these things! HOW THE FUCK DO THESE THINGS EXIST AND NOT NOTHING? Furthermore, fathom that there is this energy shit, and it combines with these atoms to do amazing things.
    Now fathom life, these amazing machines that reproduce. How the fuck do these things happen?
    Furhtermore, fathom your own mind! Everything you have experienced, everything you can imagine, is all in your mind!
    Now, when you look deep down, who the fuck can say all this is coincidence? Only a moron!

    So, when you look deep down, remember to fathom the atom!
    -Ry man. A student of philosophy, like all of us.
    How can nothing matter if nothing doesn't exist?
  5. Imagine the universe is empty, besides a single helium atom. It is obvious that there is something, but it is also true that nothing really matters. So no matter how many atoms you add, in a universe of determinism and meaningless laws, many are led to the conclusion in the absence of their belief of a god, that nothing really matters. Which I view as a fallacy, since the universe is fucking amazing.
  6. What hasn't be thought of already?
  7. Watch "The Illusionist"
    Much, but only inasmuch as you are not aware of it yet. What can be thought of must already exist otherwise it would not be able to be thought of. Just because i haven't thought of something doesn't mean somebody else hasn't either. Sometimes all it seems to take is someone coming up with a new idea and the same idea coincidentally gets triggered in someone else completely unconnected, as if the idea of 'unconnected' doesn't exist.

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