fuck moving

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  1. So my mom is moving into a one bedroom apartment tomorrow and I'm gonna help her move in. I have to pack all the shit I want, even though I can't keep it in her apartment cause it's too small. So I have all these books in like 2 different backpacks, 1 suitcase full of clothes and I'm not even close to being done packing. I need to get up in 7 hours to help her move and I haven't really taken it in yet...

    Man.... I'm gonna miss this house. I had a lot of memories here of me being stoned of my ass alone in my room fucking around. This is the room where I first got high and listened to dark side of the moon, got caught multiple times, and other memories that will make me miss this house. Shit my room is a mess right now cause I'm like half packed, half not haha my mom is gonna rip me a new one tomorrow when she sees my room like this. I just have too much stuff to pack for one night.

    So fuck it, right now I'm listening to tunes, drinking a mike's hard lemonade and I just scraped some resin. I'm gonna get stoned one last time in my own room. Feels weird man. Like... this is my comfort zone, it's gonna be strange leaving. I've lived in this house for ten years, like this is my home... and now I'm moving, not to a new town or anything, but I'm thinking of getting a house with some friends over the summer in a town a few hours away cause I can't live in my mom's apartment... well not for a prolonged period of time like the summer.

    I really should do some more packing since we're supposed to leave in the morning, but I don't want to... this is my home, I don't like change, I don't want to move. meh gonna smoke and enjoy my last night here I suppose :(

    Anybody hate moving? The whole process is gonna be a bitch, it's gonna be a long day tomorrow...
  2. Im sorry for your loss man, I could only imagine having to leave my favorite spots at my house. But no worries friend, there are still great adventures to be had:smoke:
  3. Damn man you just made me realize of all the memories I have of me in my current house that we have to move out of in like 3 months. Lived here from when when I was 14 and now that im 18 pretty much all my adolescent troublemaking and first experiences took place in this house. :( I know how you feel man.
  4. I would hate that.. I've never lived in a house my entire life lol
  5. ive lived in this house for 21 years. moving is gonna be crazy.
  6. [quote name='"Sunn"']ive lived in this house for 21 years. moving is gonna be crazy.[/quote]

    I feel that man alot of memories under this roof. And 2 huge sheds filled with random junk. Dunno whats gonna happen to that when the time comes.

    Large explosion seems like the way to go
  7. Crazy feeling when you wake up for the first time in your new place.
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    indeed fuck moving man.

    I have to move all my shit back to the states in a month.. Its gonna be a hassle have to get extra bags n shit.

    and its going to suck to leave holland, after living here for 5 years I've grown kind of attached to the place. I also sort of feel dutch in a way, because everytime I go back to the states I kind of feel like a tourist in my own country since I'm not used to it anymore. I speak dutch fluently too, so that contributes to it..

    So yeah its going to suck. Plus I don't know when I can come back after this move to visit family/friends..

  9. dude thats awesome. ive been thinking of posting in some other country for a while sometime in the future

  10. Yeah its been/is fun. I would stay longer but I'm enlisting.

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