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Fuck Michelle Obama

Discussion in 'General' started by Murmur, Apr 8, 2009.

  1. Is anyone else here fucking tired of turning on the news and hearing about Michelle Obama? Who the fuck cares about her? Everyday they have something to say about her stupid dress that looks like Chanel took a shit on or her great retarded personality... Michelle Obama has not done fucking shit, but everyone is acting like she's the answer to all of our problems. Like today for example, Michelle Obama had her own wax statuette molded. WHY? What exactly is it that everybody is honoring her for? Fuck her... Sorry bout that rant, I am just really fucking sick of hearing about her. I turn on the news so that I can see what important issues and events are going on, not so I can hear about how some dumb bitch did nothing.
  2. That's the media's fault for reporting on stupid shit. Not the first lady's.

    She's classy, cant hate her for that.
  3. the attention about her dresses do annoy me since there was better things to cover in the news, but she is the first First Lady with ass, so give her some credit. haha :D

    she is an impiration to some people though.
    she's a successful politician and lawyer in her own right.
  4. I understand she's a classy lady, I don't hate her for that by any means... just sick of hearing about her doing nothing. I'd be more concerned about a man in Africa who is a champion chicken-fucker. I'm pissed that the media cares about shit that doesn't matter. If I care about what Michelle Obama is wearing and doing I will pick up a copy of Glamour magazine lol.
  5. She looks bitchy but I would fuck her. :cool:
  6. Definitely the dominatrix type.
  7. cheers to that
  8. shes a good looking black women....theyre taking pride in that
  9. id smash, for a presidential pardon.
  10. I'm kinda tired of hearing half the crap reported on the "news". Most of what they report is even more boring then the commercials in between.
  11. It's all a ploy by the media to get your mind off of real issues.

  12. I was thinking about making a thread "Who here would fuck Michelle Obama?"

    I would.
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    at least she isn't some old run down, grey haired cobwebbed snatch first lady like usual.

  14. just like the media went crazy about which dog they were going to get. seriously, who the fuck cares? lol
  15. I always thought she was ugly, like she reminds me of Baraka from Mortal combat, pretty funny how she reminds me of BARAKa like the prezident n shit
  16. Well she's the most attractive and personable first lady we've had since Jackie Kennedy, of course she's going to get attention.

    I like her :)

    but I agree it is getting excessive.
  17. Here Here
  18. I don't find her attractive. Her forehead situation is a bit scary to me...
  19. I was reminded about this stupid bitch again today when I went to google search. Under the search bar it spams to everyone "First Lady Michelle Obama discusses healthy living. RSVP to tomorrow's Hangout"

    Nobody gives 2 fucks about Michelle Obama, NOBODY voted for HER. Why is she doing ANYTHING?! Fuck you Google for putting this on your main search page.

    Fuck Obama, Curious George lookin' ass mother fucker.
  20. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C2qnyYVocMo]Eddie Griffin - You Tell em I said it (2011) Part 1 - YouTube[/ame]

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