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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by dirtydingusus, Oct 15, 2003.

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  1. some thing is very very worng here

    and i dont like it
  2. agreed. and noone likes it.
  3. so what is it ...why do i feel like i am in a strange place ?

    i hate this ....

    my of my difficultys is i feel emotional pain physicaly.....

    and i am feeling it
  4. i dunno...........the city is the same place its always been. things are being blown way out of the water. yes some posts and threads have been deleted and moved. (they have alwys been). some threads have been removed by the thread starter,an that removes everyones replys. its a combination of both. an all of the sudden its the mods ona rampage, chucking everyone out. thats just not the case.

  5. I was wondering the same....not that I\'m pissed w/the City or its Blades, but I noticed that around 125 of my posts were deleted...
  6. None of the mods deleted your posts, Buzz, as far as I know.

    The original poster of some threads, deleted those threads...when that happens, everyone else\'s posts within those threads are deleted, too. That\'s what happened.
  7. Thanks for the clarification RMJL!

  8. Most likey threads were deleted that you replied to. This would account for post loss.

    Edit: And to my knowledge as well none of the Mod\'s have deleted your posts.
  9. i dont think the mods are on a rampage....

    but something foul has crept into our beautyful garden and is slowly caseing decay...

    i just wish i could put my finger on the problem directly...

    its like someone abruptly changed bouth the music and the lighting without consulting the rest of us first...

    i dont know what im looking for ...

    but i know im looking
  10. [​IMG] . Simple answer my friend is that a few peolpe didn,t want to play fair .They packed thier bags and left .Now a few others that were not here at the time are bitching .The bottom line here is play fair or be banned.We as mods don,t have time to deal with childish behavoir .Grow up or ya know here the door is .l,am just gonna start banning today ,enough or the bitchy vibes
  11. i feel as if i had not been away so much i could have perhaps done something to help keep thing from getting where they are

    i feel like i came back to the cabin only to find the bears have trashed the place to the point i barly recognize it ..

    and i want to know why?

    not that i expect you all to have the answers

    or that you all are the cause...

    i just miss my family
  12. i must know what going on!
  13. dudududu dudududu :( is this the twighlightzone??

  14. Check your PM\'s!:)
  15. thank you RMJL!
  16. Jonas just keeps on looking cuter and cuter :)
  17. thanks hempie

    i cant get enuff of him!

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