Fuck Me

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by alwayzblaze, Sep 7, 2007.

  1. Parents just threw out 38 grams of hydro, a scale, a glass peice and everything else in my stash..
  2. dude, i feel like laughing hysterically and crying for you at the same time...i am emotionally torn....im gunna go ahead and laugh.....HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!
  3. Why the fuck would any decent stoner laugh about that?

    Fuck man, that blows hardcore.
  4. time to go dumpster diving... i had a similar situation with a bong at my friends dads house a few years ago, sucks dick.
  5. yeah, thanks. im gonna take a break i guess. this sucks :(
  6. Wow, -rep. What a prick..

    Sorry to hear that man, did you go searching for it?
  7. I tell u no lie, i feel your exact pain. I had 2 ounces of some hydro, saved up a looooooooong time for that, and she threw out my scale too. I had a whole bunch of blacks and a whole bunch of juicy J's rolling papers, and a shitload of white owls...all gone. Now she gives me pee test, which is dumb cuz i told her ima fail. But the point is i feel your pain, happen last monday, still havent got over it, i dont think i eva will
  8. go find that weed homie :smoking:

    This next bowl goes out to that glass and the 38 grams of dro. Shit dude

  9. notcool...

    im sorry man that must really suck
  10. What's your address, I'm going garbage pickin'. :)
  11. wow you're an asshole......:hello:
  12. WOW....I would not stand for that shit
  13. especially if he's 18.. if not then that just sucks.
  14. because in moments which are completely absurd and unable to be rationalized (especially, i think, those moments which juxtapose two completely disparate contexts within the same moment), the only real response is laughter.

    laughing monks and shit, only on a small scale.

    i laughed when i read the first post too, but it was the laughter of hysteria. to OP: djkl;slvnaweugbanfd;abn that's just no good at all
  15. Wll u better start diggin ASAP man, prolyl a lil late now, wtf, GOOD LUCK.
  16. Remind them how much money they just threw out and they might start feeling a bit sorry?
    I don't know.
  17. tell them you were holdin for a friend n if you dont give it back youll get capped
  18. I am usually cool with my parents an try an respect them.... but i would be like BITCH GIMMIE MY STUFF OR IM NEVER TALKING TO YOU AGAIN. and I would literally have nothing to do with them untill they got my stuff or paid me at least what it was worth. In fact, I'd move the fuck out if they wouldnt replace or restore it to me.
  19. my heart hurts for you...

    damn, i would have to air down all the car tires or something as gay and as childish as it may be..

    even under their roof, man it would have been nice to have a "get this the fuck out of my house and never bring it back"

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