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Fuck me right?

Discussion in 'General' started by TexasCudi, Apr 24, 2010.

  1. So i have 2 grams of some nice dank and im dying to blaze but i have a drug test this tuesday so at this point its just a like a huge tease. Thing is I smoked on 4/20 since i wasnt aware of my drug test and now i wondering if there's even a point in me going to the test and if i should just go ahead and smoke. then again this is a pretty good job at national oil varco with some nice benefits. hmmm.. oh well, time to man up right? there's no real point to this thread, i just wanted to voice my thoughts to some fellow tokers.
  2. everyone forget what i just said. i just had a weak moment. fuck smoking for the 3 days! yeah i know i dont have much of a chance but still no point in throwing in the towel especially with a job like this. now time for me to chug water like air, eat a shit ton, exercise my out of shape ass out and some good ol' vitamin b.
  3. How much did you smoke on 4/20?
  4. tell them you have diarhea and reschedule the test or something.
  5. not much. roughly 3 grams in between me and 2 friends and 1.5 grams with just a friend.
  6. Well.... If that's all you smoked since 4/20 you still have a chance. Better start doing some pushups. :p

    Might want to invest in a detox also.
  7. definitely gonna do more than push ups lol i also but some detox tea called palo azul, might only be sold in texas, but i dont have much faith in detox drinks with all the bad reps they get. wouldnt hurt to try though, right? guess ill just have to wait and see
  8. Actually, I believe I read about Palo Azul working magic before.

    Seems like you're in luck.

    I never had to use a detox but my friend has and it always worked for him.. Atleast, that's what he told me. Anyways, guy, goodluck! and good vibes. :)
  9. appreciate it man! one last thing, you wouldnt happen to know how much it would benefit me to sit in a sauna from time to time for the next 3 days would you?
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    Since THC is stored in fat, the more you burn, the more THC will show up in your urine (and the more you remove before your test). I would advise getting a detox or a 'screen'. Many of them are only good for a 6 hour window, but they do work. I used my time in rehab (and all those free federal drug tests) to test a few different brands and they all worked. Prices vary from $30 to $50, and you have to follow instructions on the label. My ppm went from 180-300 (unscreened) to 0-18 (screened). Also know that federal employers are stricter in the ppm they allow (15+ppm will read hot) vs private employers (50+ ppm in this case).

    Edit: If you're a big person, or have more body fat, you should use two drinks.

  11. well on 4/22 i took 4 azo pills for urinary tract infections that are suppose to help plus about a gallon of water a day and im 5'11 and weight about 175lb. i have a slim to medium size build and i have a pretty decent metabolism. just ran about 1.5 miles and at a pretty good size meal at dennys(not the best or healthiest i know) because i read that red meat helps with creatine levels. about to head to the court and play some ball. i plan to keep up the activity till tomorrow night. not sure if i should get a morning workout sunday since i read that you should give yourself 48hrs. also i plan to take that palo azul detox tea and pick up some vitamin b for urine color.

    any other advice?
    would sitting in a sauna help?
    what about big, hearty red meat meals? or would this hurt me since it would store on top of the thc in the fatty cells?

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