fuck mclovin

Discussion in 'General' started by McLovin23_x2, Feb 8, 2009.

  1. im fwwling down, and i need to be told off.
    heres the rules.
    no gay jokes.
    be creative.
    dont ask questions.
    good posts =+rep.
    post as many times as youd like.

    this is for serious.
  2. Look on the bright side: the grass is always greener.

    Oh shit, am I even helping lol?
  3. What are you, some kind of asshole? Go find someone to chill with that makes you happy. A girl maybe?

    That was my best try.. I'm not good at telling people off, hope you feel better dude.

  4. be mean.
  5. You make the real mcloving look like fucking kanye west you fucking no life loser...your nothing but a social piece of shit who sucks at life and whos only purpose is to serve others cuz you dont deserve true friends you fucking doormat mother fucker!!Why dont you eat your friends ass till he cums on your worthless face you fucking primitive monkey asshole..at least that way he might want to hang out with you more often!!
  6. You're too clever! You'll just consider the empty words I say and then interpret them to integrate with your picture at the moment...

    How can I be mean?
  7. yo fuck you dude cause you just wasted 2 minutes of my life for making me read this thread with that fucking awesome title.
  8. Jesus loves everyone.

    Except you. He thinks you're an asshole.
  9. This is the truth, now don't call me a hater.
    After you were born and mommas through labor
    they put tinted windows on your incubator
  10. yo dude go fuck a little girl! GTFo here you fucking prick! How can you make a 4 year old girl cry twice?? You wipe your bloody dick all over her favorite teddy bear. YOu do this on a fucking regular basis and get off to it! Fuck that shit, you mother fucker! you wasted precious seconds of my life, that i will never gain back. The next time i see your name under a post or a thread, i will fucking 411 your address and cut your head off and ride around your town with your wrinkly old head riding securly on the bloody end of my atenna! Now go get off to farm animal sex!!!
  11. [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EA9ezKkUL6o"]YouTube - You are an asshole[/ame]

    Yeah Mclovin you Mcasshole
  12. You and this thread fail. Fuckin dicksneeze.
  13. Fuck you for confusing me so fuckin bad with the first post in this thread... How the fuck where we even supposted to figure out what you want, bitch? go back to english class.

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