Fuck Mcdonalds

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  1. Who's with me?
    This recent story about a glass shard in a burger broke the camel's back for me. 
    here's a similar incident from 05' http://www.nytimes.com/2011/07/23/nyregion/policemans-stop-at-mcdonalds-produces-years-of-court-cases.html?_r=1&
    Then I led myself on a google search of "McDonalds Sued" and came across some disgusting occurences.
    I ate a mcdouble today *shame* but that is the LAST time i will ever eat there. I don't care if its for a coffee. (coffee pot blowing up from overheating was supposedly how it got in the chicken sandwich in the first article. Who knows how many poor souls drank mcdonalds coffee only to find glass." Fuck that evil corporation.
    I am a healthy person and cautious about what i eat and put into my body, but i indulged in mcdonalds from time to time... NOT ANYMORE. I'm sure many other blades have come to this realization long ago but i am happy to have come to it now rather than later with a sliced trachea via chicken sammich.

  2. I eat it very rarely. And the only thing I ever get is a filet-o-fish because they always have to steam the buns and they are almost always fresh. lol
  3. I just never cared for the chow at McDonalds.
  4. I eat it when I have no money because of the dollar menu. Besides that I prefer Subway if I'm getting any type of fast food.
  5. If you're going to cut out McDonald's, you might as well cut out Burger King, Wendy's, Taco Bell, KFC, Jack in the Box, Carls Jr/Hardees, Del Taco, Arby's, etc. 
    It's not like McDonald's is worse than any other fast food restaurant, this could have happened at any of them. :p 
    That article is ridiculous too... 

    Fucking really? Suing because of injuries you got in a fight you initiated with an employee? Suing because McDonald's didn't pay you enough so you decided to be a prostitute?
    Very stupid lawsuits to bring up there. 
    any kind of fish from any fast food joint? come on man, think about it.something always gonna be fishy about that one :metal:
  7. nah not from any fast food joint only mcdonalds because i love them. especially during lent when they are a dollar. lol it's just like a patty with various fish meats in it. probably one of the better choices on their menus. way better than those disgusting greasy ass burgers they serve anyway. tried a cheesburger from there once and almost puked. 
  8. Yeah...Not just McDonald's.
    That shit happens everywhere, sometimes people are tryin' for a quick buck...Other times they literally bit into an employee's finger. :cool:
  9. Yeah mcdonalds is very bad for you.. even without the glass shards in the food lol. Just look at the nutritional information they have to put on packaging now, one single cheeseburger is like 15% of your total fat intake. Some people eat 2 DOUBLE cheeseburgers in one sitting, who knows what else they eat the rest of the day.
  10. and double lattes and danishes and popcorn and and and and are good for you?
    lol really? i
  11. Nothing beats homemade food, it's peace of mind knowing that no one spit or jacked off on my food. As far as price goes buying raw foods in bulk can be pretty cost effective, plus you get enough food for a week or so vs one day. 
  12. lol well yeah... that is a given :)
  13. Fuck McDonalds. Food tastes nasty and always, every fucking time I go there, has shitty service.
    Taco Bell and Wendy's erryday.
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    You mean I can't get fried chicken and ranch dressing with my prostitute?
    What the hell is the point then?! 
    Hell, you can still do better with just frozen processed food. 
    I got a pack of 8 frozen breaded chicken patties recently for $4 from the store. Spent $1 on buns, and added stuff that I already have around anyway... onions and tomatoes and spinach and cheese. Doesn't cost any more than a McChicken, but tastes waaaaay better. :D 
  16. Well problems like this are bound to happen when you look at the size and capacity of their distribution in North America alone. I've been eating McDonalds my whole life (not everyday) and I've never really had a problem with my order.
  17. Challenge accepted.
  18. last time I was in mcdonalds it was only because I needed to load up on carbs before the drinking began
    ok that's kind of a lie.. I was drinking the vodka in mcdonalds
    but long story, short... all I ate was curly fries, regular fries and sweet sour sauce but it still tasted greasy and vile.. yuck. I should of known better, I only eat their non-meat foods but it's still consistently shit. 
  19. Better than a McChicken? I'll have to test this claim to see if such a think could be true. Cause McChickens fuckin rule

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