fuck man.. might have chlamydia

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  1. I just got off the phone with this girl I was fuckin around with back in April this year.. she told me she tested positive for chlamydia..

    I was just about to smoke right before she called me, I think I'm still gonna do that. I dont know what else to do right now. I don't have health insurance and I don't even know where to get tested. Even if I did know, I have to admit, I'm really scared of what the results might be..

    Even worse, I had unprotected sex with another girl on the 4th of July. A girl I've known since middle school. Me having chlamydia, I can deal with, but I can't stand the thought that I might have given it to someone else.. especially a good friend of mine.. fuck
  2. Just look up the local testing centers, I know my university has free std tests, they really, really, really...do not feel pleasant. Haha, so be a bit high.

    But good luck man,btw if you have any of these symptoms, then you probably have chlamydia...

    Small amounts of clear or cloudy discharge from the tip of the penis
    Painful urination
    Burning and itching around the opening of the penis
    Pain and swelling around the testicles
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    That's why you wear a condom man.
  4. Alright thanks bro, I will definitely check those out.. Fuck I heard they weren't too pleasant:laughing:

    But so far I haven't had any of those symptoms or the ones I looked up online. I guess that's a good sign?

    I did.. with the first girl but we were really drunk and it slipped off near the end.. I tried to stop but she told me to keep going. stupid drunk mistake
  5. It's not that bad really. They stick a cotton swab on a stick up your urethra about an inch, which yes, admitedly does suck. Then they give you pills to take for a week or so. The worst part is probably calling anyone else you may have slept with.
  6. lol what a whore, she had to be burning, drunk or not that is a red flag.

  7. Chlamydia is often asymptomatic.

    You need to educate yourself man and get to the doctor.
  8. Lucky for you this is one of the STDs that you can cure by just taking antibiotics.
  9. See last time I went for a check up the doc was like "Do you mind if our medical student does the check up?" or however they said it.
    So its always awkward as fuck anyway so I'm like "nah that's cool", its not going to be any worse with a student doing it right?
    Plus people gotta learn.
    So in walks this gorgeous Asian junior doctor and told me to drop my jeans to around my ankles and get comfy on the bed...
    Luckily I go for check ups from time to time (been cheated on alot so keep an eye on things now) so I knew what was coming else the exam may have been a bit 'harder' for her.

    You're probably fine. Like the others have said, its a bit uncomfortable but then if you have anything tablets and done. Simples.
  10. Sorry man, can't help myself....

  11. Not that bad?! haha fuck man, I cant stop grabbin my stuff after hearing that. :laughing:

    but yeah I'm not looking forward to calling the last girl I slept with smh. But I dunno if I should get tested before I call her or if I should let her know immediately.

    What do you mean by "she had to be burning" ?

    I know man. But I still think that's a good thing. If I had symptoms, then I'd know I have it for sure. But at least there's still a chance I don't have it ya know? That's what I meant.

    Yes, this is true. The name makes it sound a lot worse than it actually is. But I don't have health insurance. Is this medication expensive?

    haha that sounds painfully awkward man. Not looking forward to it. But if I do have it, I hope these tablets won't be too expensive seeing how I dont have health insurance.
  12. Idk man,she could have slept with a few people afterwards and caught it from them,but better to be safe than sorry I suppose.

  13. It's not that bad man honest! Just feels a bit sharp for like a second and done. Worth it to be sure.

    I'd wait til you know man, not worth worrying her unnecessarily.

    Its was so bad man, I wouldn't normally go for Asian girls but when a gorgeous girl tells you pants down and gets her hands on your junk...its hard to not think about it haha.
    I often forget you guys need insurance, I'm used to it over here. NHS ftw!
  14. yeah man, that's what I'm hoping for
    haha yeah I know what that's like now that I think about it. I remember having a sexy nurse do my physical back in hs.. oh boy talk about awkward. lol

    but that's a good idea. I think I'll get tested first thing tomorrow and then see if I have to make that dreaded phone call or not.

    You lucky bastards do have NHS!!
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    "If a chick gave you a disease, then you got burned" - Big L

    BTW, Burning piss (dysuria) hurts like fuck.
  16. Lol yeah I know but then he said it should've been a red flag. I was trying to figured out how I was supposed to know she was burning in the first place so I could have diverted the situation entirely. :laughing:

    But my piss definitely doesn't hurt so I'm thankful for that much
  17. Go get tested mayne..thats about the only thing you can do at this point. Or you could just wait and hope none of those nasty symptoms start showing up..
  18. Yeah I plan to first thing tomorrow morning, but I still don't know exactly where to go. A lot of places are talking about testing starting at $79.. I don't exactly have that kind of money atm.

    There's gotta be some place doing it for free or at least cheaper
  19. what symptoms do you have?
  20. Based on the research I did, I don't have any. But like Ironic said, it is asymptomatic a majority of the time.. so I wouldn't really be able to tell uness tested smh

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