Fuck Live Christmas Trees

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  1. I decided to finally take down my wilted and dying christmas tree today, and about 12 hours after dragging it outside I went to check on my flowering plants to find THE BIGGEST FUCKING SPIDER MITE INFESTATION I HAVE EVER SEEN had set up shop on 2 of my 3 budding plants. It is horrible. Webs coating colas, buds with little alien bastards scurrying all over defiling every surface.

    I wanna cry, for real.

    We just blasted em with Nuke 'Em... cleaned off some of the worst spots with Q-tips.. but I think one of them is FUBAR. I might have to throw it out tomorrow. :(

    Fuck live christmas trees, i'm going with a fake tree next year.
  2. If yo got webbed covered colas, they've been there awhile. 2+ weeks ike.

    Not saying they didn't get there via the tree..but pines are not the normal meal for a two spotted mite.

    Saw a neat trick for web covered colas though...get a wet/dry vac and suck em off the plant
  3. Well we have always had a mite problem but these plants were fine 2 days ago. It seriously blows my mind how fast the mites webbed up this one plant. Oh and we had a douglas fir, not a pine.

    But a wet/dry vac will suck the webs off without hurting the plant?
  4. Yeah, it'll pull a portion of the little suckers offthe plant too.

    Mighty Wash works also.

    Good luck
  5. Thanks man I appreciate the tips. I'll beat these bastards somehow.
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    Wicked, the wet/dry vac trick works, but what I've found really helps with this, is to take a cloning net pot & duct tape it over the nozzle. Might take a little cutting down to size to get the right fit but worth every minute. Also helps if it's a small portable wet vac like the Husky models sold at home depot; only takes a 2" net pot for that. The net pot reduces the suction somewhat, and prevents a lot of damage to the plant from pulling it into the nozzle. Not all damage, but helps a LOT.
    And I totally 2nd Wharfrat's suggestion on MIghtyWash. I fought those nasty little fuckers last year with Dr Doom room foggers, Azamax, whole bunch of other stuff...:mad: nothing did the job until I MightyWashed all my plants. Reepeated a week later, problem solved.
    I keep a gallon in my room now, just in case.
    Bestaluck to ya.
    HATE those little f(@#ers

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