fuck lil wayne

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  1. he is probably one of the worst artist of all time. agreed?
  2. He's got his hater blockers on bro.
  3. im just so sick of hearing about him, but its better then soulja boy, That mother fucker drove me crazy everytime i heard that dumbass song, i like one song by lil wayne and like -10 by stupid ass soulja boy. and that song is i feel like dying, he has some pretty tight lyrics in that song.

  4. No shit man. People don't seem to realize that Lil' Wayne is so far off that there is really no point in people posting stupid shit like that because it effects nothing. The OP is obviously a complete retard. :hello:
  5. take this to the music section.

    then delete it

  6. lyrically...retarded
    but entertaining/catchy songs...decent

    overall: 4.5/10

  7. your really backin weezy dude? idk how you can listen to that dumb nigs voice. he sounds like such bullshit and its pretty lame how everyone fuckin likes him. he seriously makes a new song everyday that is complete shit and he cant seem to keep out of other artists songs. hes the worst.
  8. yeah he fucking sucks his voice is annoying as hell
  9. Lil' Wayne records enough songs to make at least an album a day. Just because the two songs you hear from him on the radio are bad, doesn't mean all his other ones are. Stop being so closed-minded and form your own opinions instead of hopping on "Fuck Wayne" band-wagon.
  10. amen brotha
  11. lil wayne is a whack person but he is a good rapper
  12. why are you guys so vehement ha? Lil wayne says some funny stuff, like the word goblin...I mean right?
  13. wow man it kind of feels good to see so many opinions going against little wayne, so many people sharing my anger against this douche bag!!:metal:
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    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lyI26E5agM4"]YouTube - Lil Wayne Interview with Katie Couric [Full 11 Min Interview] part 1[/ame]

    That's Part 1, watch Part 2 if you like it.

    He's actually very well-spoken if you ask me. He knows he's great and it's funny because all the haters are literally wasting all their time hating on someone who could shit on them from a tall building, and not think twice. So quit wasting your time bitching about someone that you could easily avoid listening to.
  15. phil buds, youre riding waynes dick a little too hard.
  16. How?

    Because I like the music he makes and all you retards who say "Dur Dur Dur, Little Wayne's voice annoys me." Hmm lets think about that for one second...

    If his voice bothers you, how about instead of sitting around listening to him and thinking about how much you hate his voice and then going on here to tell us, listen to a different artist.

    I'm not "riding his dick," I'm just defending him because I enjoy listening to him.
  17. STOP making wayne threads. I don't care if you love him or hate him, we don't need 10 new ones everyday, seriously. I've made it pretty clear I DON'T like him, but who cares? This is the last wayne thread I'm gonna post in, I hope a lot of you make the same choice, no matter of how you feel about it. It just creates bad vibes.
  18. A couple of his songs are catchy.

    I think he's a pretty smart guy though, and he's a Nirvana fan so he's ok in my book.
  19. for me, when it comes to art, its not as simple as good or bad. not my thing, but if you like him, i like that.

  20. wow the one interview where he isnt completely retarded/fucked up

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