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Fuck just smoked and im getting pissed tested.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Basquedude, Jul 31, 2012.

  1. I just finished an 8th of some chronic ass shit the other day that had very high THC content. I havent smoked in 2 days but Im getting phone calls for job interviews and soon after drug tests.
  2. Shit in the test bottle.
  3. Get someone elses piss. I'd pretty much say with your own piss you're totally fucked.
  4. Go back in time and stop smoking before you look for a job
  5. detox would be your only chance if it works. but other then that your gonna have to wait until your clean
  6. people always say 2 gallons of water. but personally id rock prune and cranberry juices. they are known to help clear your system. maybe some probiotics, they will speed digestion up. magnesium also helps with digestion and can be found in lots of breakfast cereals, which i eat all day. so yeah. i hope i could help
  7. good job buddy, why didnt you wait until AFTER you landed a new job before blazing? like really??? dont think you can get your system cleaned in a week with the amount you smoked in one day.
  8. if youre taking a Lab piss test, fake urine is not gonna work.
    do a little more research, they know if you are using masking agents in current times.
  9. THe fake urine doesnt have masking agents. You sure it wont work? Everything Im reading says synthetic urine is the best.
  10. No synthetic urine is not the best choice.

    Best choice - not smoking.
    2nd Best - Getting real clean pee from a friend (make sure they have no script drugs)

    If youre going to a lab, as in LabCorp, just for doing drug testing then i wouldnt use fake piss or a detox drink
  11. Everything im reading says Fake urine works.
    I dunno. Damn this is tricky.
  12. [quote name='"Basquedude"']Everything im reading says Fake urine works.
    I dunno. Damn this is tricky.[/quote]

    Get the fake urin brand "magnum" make sure u have at least 3 oz size. It worked for me on a lab drug test. I requested a copy of my results and it turnd out they tested for masking agents and I got the job.
  13. get a whizzinator you can use fake urine or a friends piss & it wont matter if you use fake pee if its not a lab test and if anything get the magnum piss like the guy said your gonna piss dirty if you dont.
  14. Youll be fine. Drink lotta water. Delay the piss test a few days.
  15. What about fake piss being illegal?
  16. [quote name='"Basquedude"']
    What about fake piss being illegal?[/quote]

    Check your states laws. In most states its illegal to make or intend to use it but simple possesion and distribution are not.
  17. just go get a bunch of detoxes... they have em at head shops. dont get someone elses piss thats nasty.

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