FUCK just now idk what to do

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  1. ok so me and a friend made plans to chill so he tells me to get ready to go and i tell him k. we wanted to go to waffle house but then i told him that it would be better to smoke first at my neighborhood pool so i told him i would meet him there. He gets there and tells me there is a car parked on the phone while im walking there but i tell him to forget it. when i get there from a distance i see a car parked behind his and a man with flashlights at his car. i make it out to be the police so i left (felt bad for leaving).i go back home and wonder if he still there then i go back but now theres two cars so i went home and now im on my computer. btw im pretty sure he had bud on him.
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    But seriously you should definitely update.
  3. kind of a dick move imo. he is your friend, do you really want him to get probation or something and not be able to get high with you for a while. did you atleast call him/text him and tell him to get the fuck out of there? Hopefully your friend didn't get busted. hope it works out for him.
  4. yea i texted him and shit but come on..if you were walking to go smoke and your friend gets caught would you go get caught too? did i make the wrong move?
  5. btw he hasn't replied to any text messages. for all of you saying im a dick, I'm risking law school here so it wouldn't be a simple "arrest" i need my student loans.
  6. What is he supposed do? Walk up to the cops as they are questioning his buddy and just say, "Excuse me officer but I was going to smoke with him, too. So....yeah"?

    I think avoiding the situation was the best thing he could have done at the time. His friend was obviously already in some shit so there was nothing he could have really done and there was no point in just self-incriminating himself for nothing.
  7. dont feel too bad,i would of done the same thing
    unless you planned on slaying the officer, theres nothing u couldve done
  8. approaching the cops in a situation like that could get dangerous pretty fast too, it would be best to stay out of it.
  9. You should of hid in a tree and shot the officers in the neck with posion darts. Yeah, I went there.
  10. self preservation. I would have told my friend to get gone, but i wouldnt have got involved in it. Its one thing to man up to a crime but its stupid to bring yourself down
  11. This thread reminds me of this song

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  12. Well here's an update, this morning I woke up after only 3hrs of sleep (couldn't sleep cause of that shit and no smoke). Looked up his mugshot he got a less than an ounce charge. Still haven't contacted him I'm sure his parents probably bailed him cause I live in a very unfriendly enviroment. Thanks for the responses I was just doubting myself but I'm sure I made the right decision now. No I will not post his mugshot I'm prepared for the no pics comments.

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  13. yeah seems like you did the right thing, i would have turned right around if i was you to
  14. how bad is less than a ounce where you live? just curious, here we would be fucked
  15. I hear ya, u did the right thing tho
  16. he got a 600 dollar fine and has a court date soon prob get community service and probation, I might take a break with him. It seems like the right thing to do at this point in my life. ( probably 2 or 3 months)

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