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Fuck Just Got Arrested For Dui

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by tokteza, May 25, 2013.

  1. So im pretty much fucked, so i got pulled over a few hours ago, he asked me for my insurance and i forgot i didn't grab my insurance so all i had was a paper one in my center console  and my weed was on top of it so the cop found it and tested me and had me do a sobriety test while i was freaking out. but pretty much what are the consequences for getting a DUI for marijuana

  2. suspended license for a year and probation which means no more smoking marijuana for a year
  3. Shiiiiit, unlucky man. No idea what the consequences are but hopefully not too bad. 
  4. You woulda been better off saying you didn't have it on you and bringing it to court. The judge would dismiss the case and just have you pay court fees. No fine or anything stupid.
  5. This is no time for dwelling on the past Captain Hindsight.
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    Sorry, just advice for the future Sir Bitch-a-lot.
    If you weren't actually high, dispute it. If he did not take you in for a blood sample to determine your active thc levels at the time, the officers field assessment may only be good enough to obtain a plea bargain of unsafe driving if it is your first offense which might not even result in a loss of license. However I do not know if possession is legal in your state though. 
    Why were you pulled over in the first place?
    And also, retain a good lawyer, they can make wonders out of shitty situations
    Edit: Also, most likely you will be put on probation or period of adjustment just because you were in possession of it in a motor vehicle.
  7. Damnnn prepare for some nice probation and fines.
  8. if i did that i instantly lose my license 
  9. i was pulled over on some bullshit traffic stop and then he found the weed 
    Really? I've done it before. I could not find it on me but swore I had it. The cop wrote me a summons and when my court date came I just brought my insurance card proving I did in fact have insurance at the time I was pulled over in to court with me and the judge dismissed my case and charged me $29 in court fees.
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    If you're lucky, the weed is the only ticket you received. If it was, even the public defender can get it dismissed by claiming that the officer had no business pulling you over in the first place. But if you have a ticket for an offense that provoked the pulling over in the first place, then use it for a plea deal.
    Edit: Welcome to the American Justice System. If you are ruthless about staying out of real trouble, there is always a way. Hell, start going to NA meetings and tell the judge that. They like that shit.
  12. probation T-break my good nigga!
  13. Cops usually try to trap you in front of their dashcam with something that can be used in court. It really all depends on what went down in front of that camera, did he ask you when's the last time you smoked? They always ask that in DUI arrests, because it can fuck you later on. Even though you're not high anymore, the law sets the limit for how many hours after consumption you can legally drive a car. It's probably the one question that fucks people more than anything in DUI's

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