Fuck it man!

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  1. A convo I was having with my friend on AIM, or, trying to have. I extend it to you guys, here. SSstopsnitchinSS = me

  2. ...Some people are just a little more stupid than others.
  3. Except for me. I'm the smartest.
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    Come on man, you should know by now if he was your friend if he was or was not capable of a intelligent conversation. There is no point in even attempting to discuss mildly serious things with idiots. Friends can be idiots too, it sucks big time. I agree completely with that quote by the way. Peace man

    Oh by the way : 1 thing you said that i disagree with, (
    SSstopsnitchinSS (8:28:24 PM): fuck that man I think for myself, I hate the fact that sicne we've been fucking 5 years old they've been trying to feed us bullshit and modl us to conform)
    the teachers there aren't evil and shit, there purpose to life isnt to take control of our minds. So doing stupid shit to "rebel" againgst them is pointless and immature, as you prolly know. Id just say that school is a generally good place (obviously depending where you are) but for certain people that can be influenced easily its a bad environment. Especially with the religious things.
  5. Not the teachers, the topics/lessons teachers are supposed to teach. The books they're supposed to read. They have guidelines as of what to do, all similar. We all basically learned the same things, and the same sides of thsoe things, growing up.
  6. True. I disagree with the way things are right now in the world, everywhere. People worry too much about little things, friends arent real, etc. I think i'd like living in like.. say the mid 60's =] We need to bring that generation back man
  7. We need to be taught of other men and ideas and events. It spreads human knowledge so we can expand on it as a species. If we didn't do that, we'd still be at the caveman stage. We wouldn't even be able to socially interact on the level we do now. The fact that we all learned similar things and had similar experiences as children growing up in a certain society (as a species I mean) means we can almost always find someone to relate to on some level.

    I hope that made sense as I'm a little blown out.
  8. I get it, but dude you're too high to construct that properly..
  9. i get where your goin, but its the same for me while im away at school i have intellectual convos all day(and on here) and when i go home and see all my boys we can like rarely ever have a serious intellectual conversation thats not about weed or musicals(they were in like club)...

    but i digress..i see where your going but its a big contrast between what your trying to do and what hes tryin to do and you were kinda pushy and whatnot, but still a good thought nonetheless

    im really fucking high.
  10. Lol. i raalized a lot of my weed smoking friends are "idiots" as you put them as they hold no interest or don't know how to respond to me when i inquire about something even MILDLY intelligent.

    they'll just be like wtf and try to some up some funny one liner. annoying.

    i like being high & kickin' it with people who don't know. whatev.

    im high as hell right boniw. haha
  11. i call 2nd smartest. not as intelligent as you are but better than the guy after me. good enough for me..
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    LOL apparently the teachers were evil to you because they didn't teach you to spell.
  13. Gimme a break man, does any1 really give a damn about lil stuff like that, as long as it legible, and not all computer lingo. So... big middle finger waaaaaaaay up

    I say that last bit with love, no need to get pissed
  14. The average IQ is 100. The average person is intelligent when they apply themselves to certain tasks. Most people are lazy and do not apply themselves. Therefore the vast majority of even average people (not to mention those that are simply dumb) are not into intellectual discussions. Sad, but true.
  15. That was the most one-sided convo ive read, thats fuckin hilarious.

  16. *coughs*

    sorry had something in my throat.

    anyways to every man his own.

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