Fuck it, I'm transferring colleges!

Discussion in 'General' started by Faded Skies, May 9, 2011.

  1. Can't wait. :smoke:
  2. From where to where, and why? haha You didn't really provide any information. Unless that was your intent, in which case it doesn't matter.
  3. From Baylor to UT at Arlington, Baylor is SHIT do NOT apply here. I've done nothing but self teach this entire time and I'm pissed because I wasted so much time/energy/resources here.
  4. Sounds like a solid reason to me. It's also good that one bad experience at one university didn't discourage you.

  5. Of course. :smoke:
  6. I'm actually transferring from UT at Arlington to Texas State lol

  7. Woah, why?
  8. I was going to UTA for engineering, but I changed my mind. Texas State was my other pick and now my family is going to live over there too. A combination of several reasons lol
  9. Hell ya dude.

    I like my college in a way but I HAVE to transfer. Like I was planning on coming back but then two days ago I realized I just can't.

    No one understands me at my school (not just saying this I'm literally the biggest social/political/religious outlier yet get more positive (and negative) attention than anyone at my whole school). I don't like positive attention though in fact I prefer getting negative attention, that's the only thing that really gets me going here at least.

    In turn I've developed the most ginormous ego in the world and it continues to grow every day and I can't control it. I seriously think I have the very biggest ego in the entire world.

    And there's no girls at this whole school AT ALL for me even though they're really hot and I'm the very most desirable person at my whole school to the girls here it seems.

    But ya people completely mistake me for what I am, I've changed so much in my 2 1/2 years here it's like I'm a whole new person and it's hard for me to live up to who I am here at this point. And also most people dont really know why and what I think about myself in reality. I'm forced to play two roles but I'm only confident when acting with one so it just sucks for me.

    So pretty much this was the worst possible fit in the world for me and I have no idea where I wanna go. Though I did grow, develop and learn so fucking much here it's just now time for that fresh start I need.

    Hahaa this post must of sounded sooooooooo egotistical but I don't give a fuck, my life makes perfect sense, plus it's the internet and it has to all be said somewhere.

    Sorry I need my monthly long GC egotistical rant that nobody reads. i dont blame you guys though haha
  10. Iona college is where I'm going btw
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    son i am disapoint
    facepalm dot jay peg
    cool story bro
  12. actually you are scared of girls and people think you are pathetic!

    edit: omg you can see my jailbroken carrier message aka garbsbarbara D:

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  13. i transferred schools too

    part of me regrets it cuz i have friends there and it was a state school and it was sooooooooo easy...but most of my friends there transferred too lol, nobody likes that school

    but im happy i did cuz that school sucked and my new school and living situation works out really well for me...i commute to school and live at home, but my parents let me do whatever i want, as long as im in school and got a job

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