Fuck iphones, For real.

Discussion in 'General' started by crucialdanks303, Jun 9, 2009.

  1. I cant stand the iPhone anymore, I completely regret buying this phone.

    The screen just busted more, now there is chunks of glass missing :( I need a new phone from cingular.
  2. mines just fine, did you have a case for it friend?
  3. yeah i have a leather case made by Belkin, ive dropped my iPhone tons of times and its chillin. I have also sat down with it in my back pocket numerous times and my phone is fine, and im not a lightweight being a little over 200 pounds.
  4. I like the iPhone, but the warrenty on it is so gay that it doesn't fix damages caused by you, and theres no option to.

    And the fact that mine gets unresponsive (well slow at responding) at times.
  5. Well my girlfriend decided to bite my leg and i fucking flinched and flew off the table like a retard, The iphone landed right on the screen :( busted it, Then about 5 minutes ago i couldnt hear through it so i tap on the speaker with a pen, and it breaks more, i had to pull glass out so it wouldnt cut my ear.

    ill Throw up some pics, And nope no case :(
  6. those seem too pricy. fuck em.
  7. Hah sorry man, but fuckin LOL

    I was thinkin about buying one cause my plan runs out this year... Maybe I wont.
  8. lol dont drop your phone.
    iphones are tight
  9. fuck. I've taken back 5 i-phone 3g's. yes. 5. And all under Apple warranty. ALL OF THEM by there own fault. First time the battery was totally bunk. the next two times the screen kept not "touching" and freezing. Then.... just the other day after having my "new" re-furbished or whatever one they grab from the back it COMPLETELy turned off and won't charge or anything. DEAD. yes . the new iphones are fucked. Im glad they decided to announce today the new generation that fixes a lot of the bugs of the 3g ones... :devious:
  10. [​IMG]

    Well there she is! ( the iPhone not my background)
  11. If you're lookin for a durable phone man look no further

  12. I need text, Phone, Internet, And games. Thats it lol.
  13. Oh and By the way, All the screen still works :)
  14. agreed. fuck smart phones.

  15. I don't know man... sure it's durable but it lacks the quality and sheer awesomeness of a Mobira Talkman. Don't worry about it fitting in your pocket... that's what the convenient handling bar is for!

  16. dude, sorry... but LOL!
    i really want an iphone. i've dropped my ipod touch a couple times and it's fine.
    drop my phone like it's my job, though... so if an iphone is less durable than any other phone, maybe i shouldn't get one. ha.
  17. It just really takes that one perfect fall, And it's gone. I guess if you keep the case on it 24/7 you will be good.
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    Even when I wasn't using a case I've dropped it many times on concrete, tile, wood and a variety of other things and don't have so much as a scratch on the screen. I've sat on it many times with no issues.

    I'm definitely getting the new one when the paycheck comes through.

    EDIT: Oh yeah I've had mine for almost 2 years now.
  19. Personally, Fuck the new iphone. I want a new design if im paying 499 bucks.

  20. HAHAHAHA:laughing:

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