fuck, i'm in love

Discussion in 'General' started by negligent, Apr 29, 2006.

  1. havent felt this way about a girl just from chillin with her once since like the 6th grade, i'm one of those people who dont get easily attached to girls cuz they're lieing whores, but something about this girl makes me spark, and it seems like she's feelin me to cuz of all the looks she was givin me n giggles n that kinda shit, but i know how my life works, cuz i was trippin hard as hell when i was with her and it was probably all just a fuckin delusion and once again my emotions will be shattered n i will be taught again not to become emotionally attached to any girl, oh and another thing, this is the girl that my fat and ugly as fuck friend has been tryin to hook it up with for like 3 months but he's absolutely ridiculous n couldnt get pussy if he tried

    god damnit, i hate this cuz i know i'ma jus get my hopes up for a girl i can actually connect with n it'll all come crashing down, i remember how much my life sucked bein younger havin lil crushes on girls that dont like me, made my life miserable n since i havent been doin that life has been alot more stress free but the stress is comin i know it, cuz theres no way this could be real
  2. Sounds to me like you're setting yourself up to fail with this girl. I mean, if you're going around saying that it's not going to work out EVEN BEFORE YOU'VE HOOKED UP WITH HER, then most likely it's not going to work. And if you're comparing your feelings to what you felt like in 6th grade, then most likely you haven't matured enough emotionally to know how to deal with a relationship. May as well forget this one and move onto the next... and for criminey sakes, stop trying to predict the future of a relationship before it even becomes one. Otherwise, you're never going to find the right girl to have a relationship with. :cool:
  3. nah it aint about emotional maturity, i mean i havent had none of that "love at first sight" bullshit since then, n trust me dude, god hates me haha, i know how my life works
  4. yea dude i agree with tweech, i have a friend that sounds EXACTLY like you. and ever since he got that attitude, he's been absolutely right. he thinks that the relationship will fuck up with the new girl, so it always does. positivity is sometimes hard to conjure, but it makes all the difference.
  5. well as of now i'm goin for failure, cuz i dont know if she was really givin me the same kinda vibes back or if it was cuz my ass was trippin, gotta wait til i'm with her again sober, i really hope everything was as it seemed, but if its not then at least i wont have gone into that with false hopes
  6. Then change it. :cool:

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