fuck,,, im goin to bed,!!!!

Discussion in 'General' started by chicken, Sep 5, 2007.

  1. ive been readin a lot.. of shit where the kids are getting ready for school...

    well i work 6 days a week,,,, and when it's time to go to bed,, post here for all the working blades,,,,

    how was your day?.... mines allways normal,,,, riding around in a dump truck,,,,, cool ass job really,,, i sit a lot higher than a car,,,, and look down on some of the greatest cleavage you've ever seen,!!!!!!!!!!!!!:wave:

    so? how was your day ?
  2. 14 hour day of cooking and prep. But, I finalized my salary papers yesterday. Finally. So, hopefully, I might get a break from that job for a little bit.

    But, I'm starting my 2nd job tomorrow land-scaping. Should be fun. And its under-the-table in cash. Can't beat that.

    I'll be cracking the 100 hour week barrier soon enough. :)
  3. Pretty eventful. My sorta supervisor took the day off, so I was by myself.

    We have these hugs oxygen tanks on a pallet. I was picking up a pallet of drums on the otherside of it, and the very corner caught the pallet that the tanks were on. They got sooo close to falling over. Like, my god my heart sunk when they did that. If those things blow up, yea, that's the end of me. I wouldn't be liable at all if something did happen though. They're supposed to be secured to the pallet with straps, so the person in charge of that would get in trouble.

    Thankfully they didn't blow up. While my supervisor was gone though, I got hints all day at how I should be doing his job, since I was today anyways. And my boss finally showed me how to close the warehouse.

    So that kind of says to me that I'm possibly in line for a promotion/raise :hello:
  4. I work 10am - 5pm Mon - Fri as a graphical web designer, I then get off from work and go to school from 6pm to 8:45pm mon - fri. My days are long -- however I love my job and school is a joke because it is for my graphics technology degree. I am basically a secondary teacher in my classes.

    Take for instance -- lets say you grow pot, and you grow that shit fuckin' GOOD. That pot is your bitch -- right? Then you go to a pot growing class and they ask everyone to take out their soil and perlite and mix the two... Then it takes like 30 mins for the class to figure out how to open a bag. Ya... that's what my classes are like. (if that makes sense)

  5. your going to get fired,,,, landscaping,,my ass,,,,

    with that long hair,, your going to run over someones,,LILLY'S //////

    no im kidding,,, i dont work 100 hours,,, but im average about, 72, or more,,,, im all about business, monday thru saturday...

    im gone, i gotta get up at 4. a.m. like the thread says,, working men only !!!!!:cool:
  6. Glad to hear you are alright man. It's crazy to think that a simple one-foot step can end one's existence. Good luck on that raise though man! We could all use one ;)


  7. :eek: i know the money has to be awesome but why the hell would you ever want to work 100 hrs a week?
  8. I support myself. And while I'm on break from travel, I might as well push the limit while I'm still young.

    ...and yea, the money is decent. :p

    But, my bosses are chill as hell. I could call-out anyday for a break and they'd give it to me. They know how hard I'm working for them.

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