FUCK im being tracked

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  1. so i received my newly renewed british passport today.

    its good for 10 years, and so is my american passport i renewd a few years ago.


    i open it to the main photo page, and the page is like 5 times as thick.

    i turn it over and whats on the back???





    im not really sure how im going to deal with this. i do not want to be tracked for any reason, and there is no way to get any new passport without one of these devices in them.

    this is fucked up.

    ill post a photo later, this really scares me
  2. WTF?

    I renewed my american passport a couple years ago and I never saw anything like that. I'm about to go grab it and look through it to make sure though.
  3. Lol WTF? It's hard to believe that they would go through all the time and money to put a chip and antenna inside a passport. That seems so odd.

    I cant help but picture this little book, like a pocket address book, with a big chip thats blinking with a gigantic antenna protruding. Its a funny mental image. What the hell is the advantage of doing that though? So they can make sure you're really going where you say you are? It doesnt make sense.
  4. nah it wont have it on. it has to be renewed recently, like these last few months.

    all passports will have them by 08 i think, and all american id's and licenses will have them by may, and thats mandatory. every citzen will have to by law, carry their "real ID" which is remotely trackable by radio under the new laws. its very very fucked up.

  5. thats bullshit man! it seems as time goes by America becomes less and less free.
  6. here it is in all its glory.

    say hello to the future.




  7. this passport has A LOT of securtiy features. ive already foudn a lot of special printing methods they used to print very very fine details hidden within other details. its obvious they want to make these passports as secure as possible, theres a million holograms and all kinds of shit, but obviously its probably a felony to photograph and post those.

    to anyone that doesnt know about RFID, the chips themselves are the size of a grain of sand, but what makes the things large is that big coper antenna, which is how they track this remotely. it uses radio frequency and is easy to read remotely.
  8. rip it off
  9. I have nothing to say about this I can't describe in words how fucked up this is.

  10. you cant, the chip is sealed behind laminate so it can be checked for tampering, which is probably a HUUUUGEEEE offense.
  11. join the bugged club mann, ya i know it sucks
  12. i think eventually theres gonna be trackin this either in our liscences or liscence plates so they always know how and where were going, and if we speed they will mail us a ticket
  13. WTF FUCK THAT wtf? land of the free MY ASS


    FUCK THIS rip that shit off dont conform to their non sense!~!~!~!~!~!
  14. dude fuck that shit, if mother fuckers try an give me a chip like that ill just find a way to break it or somethin, maybe you can disconnect the chip from the antenna somehow

    EDIT:: i guess they are tryin to piss us off so much that we will eventually lead a revolution......

    BUT, in order to revolt, we need a flag, so lets get somebody to design a grasscity army flag then we can march on D.C.
  15. Well...what if you just happened to travel with your passport in a tin can...inside an aluminum briefcase...that is soundly contained in a steel safe? I mean, they couldnt really do anything about that, could they?

  16. well, since there is all my info stored in there, they can A) change it, b) read it remotely at "checkpoints" or c) turn it off and stop me from bieing able to travel.

    its very scary. luckily i dont use my english citzenship for anything really, i just have it in case i need to flee a country or my american passport is somehow taken away or lost somehow.

    the idea is that everything we own will have these chips. they are all interlinked and everything is kept on them. money, bank info, SS #'s etc. if the govt dont like your actions, bye bye life. they just turn you off and you go off the grid.

    gillete and some other companies already have rfids in all their products. so they can track your razor :p

    still, its not a good direction to be heading. the issuing of Real ID's will be the final step in tracking our every move. they will be able to see wherever we go as long as we carry that card. eventually, well be forcibly inplanted, or just implanted at birth.
  17. hmm ^good idea

    *calls dad for advice about this subject*
  18. Ya man they've been doing this. My passport is going to have to be renewed pretty soon as well and this shit makes me not want to do it.

    Fuck the New World Order.
  19. i cant dissable the chip or ill be dissabling my ability to get out this frikin country. the english passport isnt a problem as much as when my american passport gets a chip. england is still friendly in my eyes, so its a haven for me if shit goes pear shaped in the US.

    they already make RFID proof wallets, but of course if you go through a checkpoint and your id doesnt scan, youll get redflagged, pulled over and have to show the id anyway, so it sort of defeats the purpose.

    but get this.

    in the UK, they just made these things called oyster cards.

    oyster cards are replacing bus ticets and train tickets because you can top them up, brush them past a sensor and get on a train.


    they have rfid tracking chips. because the english govt want everyone to have one, and they know they cant convince them all to go ou and use this system instead, they nearly doubled the price on train tickets and bus tickets, making the oyster card so cheap, you cant live without one. that wya, they can track the entire countries bus and train transit by grid using the cards.

    so, by forcing people to pay more or use this card, they are implementing slavery on the people. its really fucked up in my eyes.
  20. While I agree that being able to track citizens for no reason all the time is absurd, and a definite infringement on freedoms, the chip in your passport is simply an ease of use measure.

    Whether or not your passport has a chip in it ...whenever you travel to another country the government is going to know, and is going to be able to track you.

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