Fuck I want to do E

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  1. K so I got one pill left, im thinking of taking it and just chilling out at home...i am 95% sure i can get more mdma in a day or two and then i will do that with some buddies. good choice?
  2. Do it, my friend who was supposed to get me some just left for vacation...how gay.

    Well, enjoy. Can't wait until my first time getting E.
  3. Well this might as well be my little journal for the night 5:30 I just swallowed the pill.:wave:
  4. Meh dude, have fun but don't do that shit too much, tolerence goes up pretty quick and it like...never lowers.
  5. Have fun.

  6. He did already...

  7. haha ownd
  8. owww

    ok so basically ill break it down...forgive me if this sounds weird or incoherant cuz im still really fucked up..ill do like a timeline thing

    530pm Took the pill

    545pm Left home and smoked out of my dugout on the 10 minute ride to beach

    555pm Sat at a picnic table on a hill right on a tennis court, smoked probably a gram out of my one hitter in 15-20 minutes..then decided to walk

    605pm After walking and feeling the rush coming up, I decide to smoke again. This time I am out in the woods my a marsh. I smoke one hit and when I exhale I puke up the whole bottle of water I drank right after taking my pill. I saw a little bit of pink in it which makes me think that was the pill

    610pm By this time I am rolling balls to the MAX, I walk about 1 mile down to this secret little spot on the beach and just talked to frieands most by text messages but I called a few people. I am just sitting down watching the sunset of some big houses further inland (I live on the east coast) and observing some hispanics who are fishing and I feel a whole new level of connection with strangers and I gain some interest in foreign language

    830pm After just sitting on the beach loving everything, I go home and my friend calls me and invites me to go smoke with her. We roll up to a little dock and smoke some packs out of my dugout which really strengthened my roll. I then just drove around and came home at

    11pm Still rolling and about to smoke more in hopes of passing out easier

    Here are some pics from my phone

    Im pretty sure this is me just after I threw up and was rolling hard


    Here is me being extremely happing while coming up, its very pleasant


    Me and the onie (I call the dug out "Dug. E. Fresh"


    And a sick little snake a came upon in the dunes.

  9. everything feels great rolling man, wish i could have went on an adventure through the woods when i dropped but its a blast man

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