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Fuck, I need money

Discussion in 'General' started by notime4schwag, Apr 30, 2011.

  1. Bank account is down to like $100. I drove around today looking for some jobs, not too many places are hiring. Been selling stuff on amazon, doesn't yield that much. I live with my parents so I'm not gonna be out on the street, but they don't give me spending money and all. I hate asking my Mom for gas money. Any suggestions blades?
  2. time4schwag
  3. Walk Dogs?
    Wash Cars?
  4. I aint even smoking, in case of a drug test for a job.
  5. It should be order of importance.

    Wash cars
    Walk dogs
    Work at a nursing home
  6. Im in the same boat. Gonna start delivering pizzas tomorrow. Awsome! :(
  7. get a fucking JOB. What do people not understand about this? Mcdonalds, Burger King, fucking Subway for christs sake. as long as your getting paid your straight. you live with your parents too so your set..
  8. if you like with your rents a hundred bucks should easily last you till you find a job do your job search on foot or bike if thats possible to save as much dough as possible.
  9. Sell salt.


    On my way to work this morning, I saw a man with a hand pull wagon, full of salt.

    In big waterproof plastic bags. I think each bag weights at least 5 Kgs.

    What they do is, they buy salt from the 'salt farm' at the villages along the coast, and they sell it to people in the mountains.


    It's a tough job, but you are sure to find customers.

    You just need to walk all day and sleep on the roads, and spend as little money as possible...

    But... if you really need to make a living, then you can do that.




    You could collect plastic bottles, tin cans, cardboard boxes, etc, and sell it to the 'recycling centers'.

    If you collect plastic bottles and tin cans ALL DAY, then you should be able to fill at least a large bag.

    If you sell that, then you can get enough money to live at least one day.


    AS I think more about this, I can think of more ways to make money, but I'll just stop here.
  10. ^^ I love you GGrass!!! :hello:

    I don't care how many places you find that are or arent hiring, there are JOBS. Apply everywhere, at the shittiest places and at corporate places for even a jaintorial position. Check the newspaper every day

    ,,the early bird does get the werm :wave:
  11. Thanks. I love you too man...

    Talking about birds, I wake up at the same time as the birds.

    They wake up at precisely 5.45 AM.

    They make quite a noise, so... it's very useful for me.
  12. I know the last thing any - job seeker who is having a hard time scoring employment - wants to hear is GET A JOB! Therefore, I'm gona go with good luck, keep the hope, and keep sending your resume out and knocking on doors.
  13. me 2. i havnt been able to drive my car for like 3 weeks because i cannot afford it.

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