Fuck, I locked myself out of the car.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Wet Horse Lips, May 25, 2009.

  1. Today, I was at the school, and I parked at the church where I smoke sometimes.

    ANYWAYS, had my friend with me, and we went into my car to examine a "half-quad" this guy sold him, which turned out to be more like 2.5g. So, as we get out, something hits me, but by then, the door is closed.

    I peer in, and see my keys sitting in the driver's seat. The doors are locked.


    However, the window was open a crack, and I tried to shove my arm through to unlock the door. This really hurt, and did not work.

    A lady neighbouring the church saw my predicament and offered to get me a coat hangar, so I graciously accepted.

    While she goes inside to fetch the hangar, three other guys show up, yellin' and hollerin' about seshing, weed and bongs. The lady comes out and gives me the hangar. My friend ended up fishing my keys out of the seat, but broke the hangar in the process. We offered to reimburse the lady, but she didn't mind.

    Then we went and got hiiiigh. :smoking:
  2. Hahahah, nice. I lock my keys in my car ALL the time, dude. I feel so stupid when I do it because two times that I did, my car was still running!!!!!!! I was like side-tracked/stoned/on the phone and just got out of the car, pressed the lock, and shut the door, like a dumbass!
  3. Lucky that lady had a hanger and your window was cracked! Seriously, that worked out well for ya ;) & you got to leave and get baked :smoke:

    Everytime I lock my keys in my car I'm like out on a deserted highway w/ no cell phone or on a tropical island in the middle of the ocean and my mom with my spare key isn't answering her phone.. bitchin'! :rolleyes: :laughing:
  4. haha good story dude. ive locked my keys in my car before it sucks
  5. I actually bruised my arm trying to squeeze through the crack, and now it's kind of a little purple. I also had a vaccination for tuberculosis like ten minutes prior, so that was irritating. Damn kids and their freaky contagions.
  6. well i must say i wish i could be lucky like you i forgot my keys in my car and i had to wait two hours for the people that get your car unlocked to get there
  7. haha i do that all the time, but im lucky enough to have the keypad on my door to unlock it.

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