Fuck Hurricane Season

Discussion in 'General' started by bigred420, Aug 18, 2008.

  1. I hear there is a storm heading right for Florida right now, fuck that. This shit happens every year, and I am sick and fucking tired of it.

    end rant.
  2. Your on the Floridabama line though... it's not bad if your in northern Florida.

    Naples this time of year SUCKSSSSS. So many days lost to rain anyway and now theres even more lost to hurricanes and this one(though small) is gonna be heading this way >_<

    Still though, I feel your plight :p
  3. I live right on a bay so when the rain comes in, it comes the fuck in.

    We had Ivan a while back, it was pretty bad.
  4. I'd like to experience a hurricane just once. Or any kind of freak weather for that matter. Nothing really happens other then rain in Ontario.
  5. Good luck to the blades in Florida.

    Get out safely.
  6. it's just a tropical storm, just a shitload of rain really.

  7. Gotcha, cause some of the pics I've seen people are like evacuating and stuff.
    Oh well stay safe anyways :D
  8. Ya they evacuate the keys all the time dude. Fuck man if a strong thunderstorm rolls through they evacuate the keys lol.
  9. I don't see why people would want to live on an island, when a storm comes in, all your shit is fucked.
  10. But for the other 364 days of the year, it's a paradise (well, depending on the island!).

    At least youre on the Florabama line! Me and mikerelliftw are on the tip of the shaft over here my man! :p
  11. yeah, im on the east coast and its raining like a bitch here, i cant imagine what the keys/western florida is getting
  12. Damn, this shit comes when I'm not in school :mad:

    Where the hell was this for the past few years when school was starting and I was hoping for a hurricane to come thru?!?!


    School started today..and now they have off tomorrow.

    I don't get why though, cuz it's still only a Tropical Storm...i think

    Its down there by the Keys...we're 3 hours or so north..and the thing is supposedly gonna go up the West Coast of FL near Tampa and shit?!?! :confused:

    Watch that shit make a detour, strengthen, and head rite for our ass :eek: It's been raining all day!


    I remember a couple yrs ago when we was hit dead-on by like 3 hurricanes in one season. That was ridiculous. Who remembers that?!?! No sooner had we taken down the shutters and start to pick up, another one is spotted out in sea. Then we hadda do the process all over again...that came thru. And another one was brewing up. A tropical storm or some shit. It was crazy . . .
  13. I have no sympathy for anyone who lives in a coastal area that complains or dies in a hurricane. You people know you're at risk and you live there anyway. I know its cheaper to live in those areas (usually) but what is the point if your house is going to be destroyed by a hurricane or you'll die?

  14. Hell yeah! I was just talkin' about this today with some homies.

    Youre a peice of shit.

    What about those in California (and anyone else who lives on plate boundaries, etc..) who know Earthquakes are a very real possibility? Or those in the North who know blizzards happen? Or people who live in Tornado Alley? Or anywhere else where NATURAL disasters happen?

    Shut up.
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    Here is a taste of what TS Fay was like

    12MB Quicktime Video

  16. IF they know that thats a possibility and they don't move then they're pretty much asking for it if you ask me. Sure its sad, but if you knew it was going to happen and you stayed there anyway, you don't have my sympathy. If you're not prepared or not aware of reality, its going to come and smack you out of a false sense of security.

    Oh and thanks for your maturity.
  17. Natural disasters happen all over the world. Are people just supposed to leave these areas uninhabited? You're being ridiculous.
  18. fuck you.

    There is not a place on the earth that is not subject to a regularly occuring natural diaster.

    How about this?

    you-I don't feel sorry for any fucktards that live anywhere where something bad can happen, I am a complete dick, who sould kill themself.
  19. basically.

    for real though, where are we all gonna live if everyone is avoiding natural disasters? Seattle?

    not you though, this place is for people whos logic makes sense.:smoke::smoke:

  20. i saw it on the news..basically i saw much more drama than what you people say here..
    anyway i hope everyone will be fine...
    we have only fires,floods and earthquakes. actually many of them...but i like earthquakes.they are fun(until someones house goes down or someones die hhmm....anyway)
    hope you are all good.

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