fuck going out just cuz its saturday

Discussion in 'General' started by ondrugz, Sep 2, 2007.

  1. im chillin at the crib you dig, sometimes i feel like i gotta go out just cuz its friday or saturday. eh i dont feel that way tonight im stayin at the house smokin by myself and watchin the tennesee and cal game.........whos with me?

    anybody else see michigan lose to appalachian state? :laughing:
  2. yeah im with you tonight,,, i went out last night,, and ''been'' out all say...

    but im sitting at homwe tonight,,,,,

    your town ondrugz,, after that great gator win today,,,, is so live tonight,, it may be better to stay in.....:cool:
  3. first weekend in a looong time where I haven't been working. Its nice to be at the house, with no loud jackasses and rap music..lol..smoking some good green ordered a pizza..large cheese FTW
  4. ive pretty much lived that out...partyin just cause its the weekend...fuck that...ill go out when i want:D
  5. I'm sitting at home tonight, too. The kiddo is at my mom's house and no one else is here but me. My best friend is in jail and I have to work tonight anyway. It's all right because I have my :bongin: and I have cigarettes and macaroni and cheese and the internet. That's not so bad.
  6. Goin outs overrated.

    Chillin here off brews bout to watch americas most wanted and blaze some herb.
  7. hell yea Tebow's arm looked good, cant wait to see him up against some real competiton
  8. Man, it felt great today to lounge today.

    I napped all day on and off.

    Nothing better than taking a day to be like a cat- or atleast thats how I felt haha.
  9. i am 100% with you. IM FUCKIN' TIRED!
  10. im chilling tonight too. its fucking hot, ima post up w/ some cold coronas and a tube full of ice
  11. I feel you man. I'm just chillin' at home, smoking a joint and watching the game. Go Cal! :hello:
  12. yes to everything you said.

    although im flipping between the cal game and the indians win.. on our way to 8 straight wins.

    did you see that return by desean jackson, that shit was rediculous.

    ill blaze with you.:smoke:
  13. Hahaha, I'm with you brother. Doing the exact same thing. Deasean Jackson is straight craaaaaaaazy.
  14. yea i saw the punt return, it was funny because they were just talking about the punter and him talkin shit to each other and then BAM!!! dude runs one all the way back
  15. Fuck being on the roads tonight. It's going to be a cop party all damn weekend because of the holiday. If I get a partying itch, I'll just scratch it on Sunday. ;)
  16. Exactly.

    My homie was wanting me to drive out to River Rouge (Borders Detroit, Ghetto as hell aswell lol). He lives in the Gidell Projects, Hood as fuck. But the blocks hot so many cops and everytime i go down there i get rolled and i been drankin i told him like fuck that man, You come scoop my ass up and take me out there or fuck it.

    So i said fuck it haha.

  17. yea samething here, when they do DUI checkpoints for holidays around here for some reason they put it in the news paper :confused:
  18. yea, fuck partying tonight. I'm just gonna kick it at my place with my bong and watch some movies......
  19. Yeah dude I was def. planning on goin out and vinnie chasing these females tonight but I'm just gonna drink me a miller lite and watch Tenn get their ass kicked by Cal, ridin solo for the evening..
  20. this tennesee and cal game is turning out to be pretty damn exciting

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