fuck glasses broke

Discussion in 'General' started by RavenousDank, Aug 9, 2012.

  1. can't even see what i'm typing on this big ass 27 inch monitor......lol (so excuse typos)
    right now i'm trying to see if super glue is going to hold them together.....the part that broke off was the part where the middle metal rod that connects/holds the lenses together came undone from the factory solder...the other side is still intact...

    i wa

    i just sat down bout to play some x4 terran conflict...clean off my glasses becaujse i like to have clean/clear sight...and it just rather easily just kinda snapped off....man did i get a tiny horror spell feeling.lol

    well i'm bored can;'t do much of nothing because i can't see.............i'll read later when i can see.....wabble wabvble wavbble

  2. As a man who has perfect vision, I am sorry for you.

    Glasses must suck.
  3. Well, you should have thought of that before your decided to buy glasses.
  4. Hahahah, that was a good one

    I'd +rep but it appears I've already done it recently.
  5. I feel ya man, mine broke recently but in a spot that is much more easily repairable then your dilemna.. You may have to get a new pair.. If you do try to repair wit super glue.. Make sure that you dont put too much, and when you are done, cover it with tape so your hair doesnt get caught in it :smoke:

    Good luck :bongin:

    Edit: Yeah lets jump on the bandwagon of making fun of people who have genetically bad vision! Yeah! Screw them people! :rolleyes:
  6. Have you considered getting contacts? I don't have this problem with them.
  7. Get contacts, I've got them had em since 7th grade. My vision is terrible and I wore glasses for a while but contacts are so much better.
  8. ahh ended up wrapping tape around the nose piece around the middle piece......the glue didn't hold...meh i'm gonna get some new frames tommorow ( need new lenses too since the anti glare coating is peeling off...it makes it look like my lenses have been scratched to hell and back....but new frames will hold me off

    (lol they are all floppy and totally loose...but its stable enough when i'm wearing them...and they are atleast EASILY adjustable)

    used to wear contacts....but they aren't for me....i simply hate taking them off at night....because well i'm tired as fuck and want some sleep....i do have an old pair of contacts...but they are all dried up...(2 years old lol) so thats a no no

    stuff like this really makes you appreciate your "normal" operation of things....like "damn this fucking tooth...why does it have to hurt NOW??" (also another big example is, jail....man it sure makes you appreciate them doritos watching commercials with nothing on layin on the couch)

    ...now i can get some progress made on my X3 terran conflict :wave:

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