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Fuck Girls, The long weekend.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by detailed one, May 20, 2012.

  1. Fuck this long weekend can't wait till it's fucking over.

    Nothing but bullshit, bullshit and what else more bullshit!

    Started to walk to a party well my dumb girlfriend starts talking shit under her breath to 5 dudes I say stop nope won't shut up...I'm like if ya going to beak off people least grow a pair because they won't be afraid of slapping ya around nope won't stop being a bitch because ill defend her...No I won't

    So I just ditched her and said fuck the party (sucks!!)

    Had to get rid of my fucking dog (hard as fuck and got ripped but had to do it) since I gotta live in a different place..

    Fuck I should take my bike out and go downhilling tomorrow and calm my nerves!

    Tonight was suppose to be fun but gets ruined...

  2. Yo whats so funny? That this is a shitty week...YEAAAAAAAAAAAA real fucking funny :mad:

    Bitches are stupid clean my kitchen take a dick get the fuck out!

    Single again!
  3. Dude just kick your fucking feet up and enjoy a nice fatty in celebration of being a fresh bachelor on the market.. Maybe go to the bars tonight and try to pick up a bar star :cool:

    Im sure she would be able to entertain you for the night :smoking:

  4. You think you got it bad?

    Try getting an MC, which results in getting kicked out of college, Fired, revoked drivers liscense.
    Uhhhm yeh Im sorry your having problems and Im sure someone has bigger problems then me.

  5. Everyone has problems thats what life, if we weren't locked up on this corrupt world we'd be happy.
  6. Atleast downhilling is rad as fuck. You got that bro.

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