Fuck Girls! help me out guys

Discussion in 'General' started by jasonjasonjason, May 14, 2006.

  1. OK this will probably be a pretty long story.

    Last night was prom night, and I didnt really want to go but got talked into going at the last minute, I didnt have a date though but it was cool cuz like none of my friends did either lol.

    Anyways Im scoping out my field of girls to see whats happening, but then I get a phone call from my best friend that is a girl..she goes to my school but went to a prom at another school nearby that happened to be on the same night. We have known each other for like 2 years and I told her I liked her once but it was a long time ago...but then we just grew really close as friends. So she says the group of people shes with sucks, and she wants to come and get drunk with me (in my head Im basically like :hello:) haha so after prom ends at 12, we hang around until like 12:45, and then she calls me saying she is back in my town. So I go and pick her up and we are like full on flirting the whole ride to the party. We get there and it is pretty nice, like 30 people and a shit load of beer, we each drink like 5-6 beers and we are getting pretty drunk. Me and her are sitting on this curb thing and she is basically straddling me her legs are spread open and shes sitting really close and we are touching eachother and just talking and having a good time. So by this time I gotta pee really bad, so I go up to the bathroom. When I come back she is talkin to another dude who is pretty much the most relentless cockblock on the face of the earth. I hate this kid. Im just like whatever I know she wants me Ill just take her aside. But first I go into the garage to get us each another beer, and when I go back, they are both up in the dark part of the backyard making out. I was like SHIT and threw the beers onto a tree and they blew up, but I just went inside cuz I was so pissed.

    I told my best friend what happened and apparently a lot of people saw what happened and everyone was like "dude galen sucks" (thats his name) so my best friend talked to her and was like ok straight up, Jason(me) likes you, and hes real pissed off about what you just did. Then she was like oh my god i didnt know he liked me I feel soooo bad now

    So she gets real sad I guess because she knows she made me mad and therefor she doesnt want to talk to me. So I go up and tell her why Im mad and she kind of tries to change the subject but she got the point

    So I just go hang with my boys, we smoke a jay and start tryin to skateboard over this little 4 stair set we found in his front yard, but we got annihilated.

    When I go back, I see my fucking girl sitting on another dudes leg, like all over him and I didnt see it but people were saying that they made out too:devious:

    So Im just like FUCK IT and I go pass out cuz Im so pissed, she goes upstairs to probably make out with more dudes...

    In the morning Im like ok bitch check this out...I didnt wake her up, I just left and went back to my house. She called me like 4 times but I didnt answer, but I finally called her back and we talked...basically it was like she said she was really sorry and felt like such a bitch for doing that, and she told me she never knew I liked her, I told her I did.

    So what the fuck guys, do you think I should just forget about her or should I keep trying. haha also if it matters she was on her period

    I really like her though, she is really hot, and has an insane personality, we can just talk forever. Shes also a virgin:eek:

    OK I dont know if you could tell but Im real fuckin stoned right now, and if you made it all the way down to here you are pretty awesome. Give me some tips dude I need help before I start turning emo or somethin
  2. Ummmm, well she was drunk so you cant really blame her complelty because people do stupid shit when there drunk that they wouldnt normally do. Still I would be pretty damn pissed cause shes obviously not a very loyal girl at all, probably better for a hookup kinda thing than a relationship I say. Im also very stoned right now so if that made no sense then yeah..
  3. to be honest....if a girl is 18 and that horny, i am not surprised if she is not a virgin. BUT that aside, idk, its tricky dude, like, it seemed good, then it went bad. but i would say screw it and get a better chick, but maybe she was just drunk. IDK dont have the full story, but in my opinion id move on. but thats just me
  4. Well yeah today she said she was really sorry and if she wasnt drunk she would have never kissed either of those guys...also she said if she knew I liked her she wouldnt have kissed them either. I dont know we got a bunch of parties coming up so I guess Ill get workin
  5. Even if everything about her was perfect, forget the bitch. You'll never be able to trust her. Every time you come back from the pisser or the fridge, she'll be all over someone else.
  6. Sounds like the kind of girl you just take home and wear out. I wouldn't even bother thinking about her, drunk sluts are a dime a dozen.
  7. haha chappelle's show:
    "What is a chickenhead?"
    "Uhh well a chickenhead is a bird, you can find it on the block, in the hood, you know it's just a bird you take home and wear out".
  8. Plus rep my friend.
  9. any female that will posess you to throw perfectly good unopened beer at a tree.... aint worth having [ the beer gods are frowning on you ] dump her HARD,,

    call her back up in 5 yrs. when shes been laid many a times, virgin pussy, aint worththe energy you put into it, once you get it...

    just get a older, more mature freak, who wont stay off your ding-dong, preferrably one whos a cheap drunk,

    gotta love them trailer park girls!!!!!!
  10. dude, i had a girl like that, she liked me, i liked her, but i couldn't leave her side for 2 minutes when she was drunk, or she'd be all over another dude, or letting osme guy feel her up, etc. etc. it was bad news bears... eventually i said fuck it, i got tired of having to babysit her when she's drunk, so my advice to you is, being drunk is never an excuse, she pulled a major bitch move, even after your friend told her that u liked her... lol she still turned around and did it AGAIN.... and then in the mourning she's all like "oh if only i knew" WELL THE BITCH DID KNOW MAN! lol don't put up with that... :p :wave: later

  11. It is a great show. Have they started season 3? I don't have Comedy Central anymore.
  12. Personally, two things that really piss me off are 10 people who are irresponsible and get retarded when drunk and do dumb shit like this and 2) people who take advantage of people who are drunk and willing to do dumb shit. I'd say forget the girl. And the guys who made out with her....well, more than likely they'll end up with herpes or some shit if they don't change their ways and keep chasing drunk bitches
  13. You can't hate on teh doods who she hooked up with unless they are like your boys and knew you were laying game down on it. So fuck them.

    That girl, you gotta just be like yea im really hurt, then you need to defile her. She mad you look like a tool, don't take that shit, shes suppposed to be your friend. It also seems like it was made pretty clear that you wanted to get with her, you just should have made your move sooner, seems like you were relying on the alcohol too much.
  14. She's not worth your time dude. Bitch couldn't wait for you to piss before challenging some guy for tonsil hockey supremacy?? Lesson learned: women are just as retarded when drunk as guys.

    I feel for ya though. I've had that shit happen and can honestly say it pissed me off more than anything else for years before or after. This chick was all over me for weeks, then once something happened while we were both drunk... bam! She shows up with some other guy at a show (the next day). Apparently her "no relationship" policy doesn't apply anymore.
  15. Ive been through the same thing man, even the whole tossing of the beer. If you still have feeling for her keep her around as a friend but at the same time keep your options open with other girls.

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