Fuck Gay people(not what you think)

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  1. Ok, lemme start by saying I am in no way homophobic and that the thread title is not to offend, only to catch attention in order to quickly solve my problem.

    Ok so do any of you remember the absolute first press of the Slim Shady LP, well me and my friend had it from day 1 when we were about 13 years old, by far one of my favorite CDs of all time, the lyrics are burned into my skull.

    Now I don't know what happened to it but now I can not find a single copy without the "gay slurs" edited out of "my name is" and this really pisses me off because every dam time I listen to it and sing along it, those lyrics trip me up, ruin the song and my childhood memories that come with it.

    So, more specifically than the title, fuck gay activists who get in the way of the same free speech that empowers them.

    The point of this though is to see if any fellow blades have a high quality rip of the "gay" album/song.
  2. I have a physical album in an rip and send to you by email if you want? It pissed me off too about that it I still hav an original press. Let me know and I'll get it done soon as I can.
  3. Does iTunes not have the original? My God, what have I been listening to?
  4. you gotta torrent that shit my dude. can't rely on iTunes all the time, plus your wasting money for shit you can get for free.
  5. Eminem is a homophobic twat who has an insane persecution complex and cant take what he gives. So fuck him. I dont support his records being censored but at the same time I find it hilarious simply because its him.
  6. I find you hilarious. Simply because of you.
  7. Derp. Because derp.

  8. I laughed
  9. that was my first try, but I can't find any quality rips, only 92Kbps and below.....

    Could you please rip it to V0 VBR MP3? And I would appreciate it if you could share the love on pira*e b........well you know, torrents are against forum rules to talk about...........
  10. x2

    OP: Its out there. I can promise you that. My best advice is to find someone who still has that CD
  11. Derp derp derp - derpariha.

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