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  1. well, i bought a glass pipe on friday from a friend, and picked it up in the parking lot at school, but my friend in my first pd wanted to borrow it to go to the parking lot, so i let him, and he said i can go pick it up in his truck, which all he described it as was green. so i go looking for it, but i cant find a single green truck there, so i say fuck it, and go to gym.

    i meet him after 4th pd and he says he can try to get it

    during lunch, he says he didnt get it, and the office called him up, and he was going after lunch

    i dont know if they caught him on camera, a teacher saw it in his truck, or they were just talking about someone else, but he goes, and i have no idea what happened. im fucking going insane, because i think he may have been caught with my pipe because i couldnt find the truck

    im also thinking, they could have caught me too if they have proof of him smoking, but the pipe isn't there, because i took it, and they would catch me on camera

    maybe im being paranoid, but i dont know what the fuck to do if i get to school and hes not there, his closer friends will be pissed off at me i bet

    what should i do
  2. inb4underageb&

    Sounds like your friend is ripping you off purposely because he wants your pipe.
  3. inb4underageb& ?

    wtf does that mean

    and im a senior, dude

    and i doubt he would, because im alot bigger than him
  4. Dude, a teacher just randomly was walking by and glared through the window and saw it? Kick that kid's ass.
  5. yea, i know that probly didnt happen, so the only other options are that he got caught on cam smoking or hes fine and will have my pipe when we get back on tuesday

    im not gonna have to kick his ass, hes cool
  6. Well, if he doesn't offer to buy a new one for you he's a dick.
    If some guy let me borrow his pipe when I didn't have one and I was an idiot and got caught with it I would feel obligated to pay for the cost.
  7. im not worried about the pipe, im worried about him getting expelled arrested
  8. My first thought is that im being ripped off.

    So i would confront him and scare the fuck outta him....

    Also asking his other friends a few questions about YOUR pipe may help you.

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