Fuck Fuck Fuck School!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'General' started by kindness, Sep 4, 2007.

  1. MAn shit man im going back to mother fuckin high school:cry: tomarow!!!!!!!!!!!! Its going to suck ass. But I always find school to have fun advenchers.

    This whole summer I think I was sober maybe a 7 days maybe . I got some flushes of shrooms and some bud from my plants coming soon so that will be fun.

    So far to celabrate the night I took 2 bottles of robos(dont flame me about how doing unnatrual drugs please) and some weed. Last sumer night.

    How about you guys, going back to high school for a year or two or going to college?
  2. damn i cant believe your going back this late. ive been in school for about a month already. i got one more year of this shit then im finaly out of there i cant wait
  3. Maybe you'll learn spelling and grammar... :p
  4. I start back up tommorow aswell, they decided I shouldn't graduate in January, but in June instead, so I have 2 75 minute courses each day, and 4 courses between now and June. 3 hour lunch means I get to sit around and waste my life away thinking about where I could be if they wouldn't fuck with me so much.

    Fuck school, but you need the piece of paper they give you at the end or they won't let you get a job so you can get money to give right back to them.
  5. Man forgive me im trippin balls right now.
  6. Ha, I was just messin' man :cool:
  7. Seems like a lot of 'kids' goin to back to school tommrow.

    Most colleges started like a month ago.
  8. But i gotta admit im done with school, Fuck school, Fuck adult ed.

    Im done, Glad i aient gotta trip bout goin to smoe adult ed where ill be more likely to be killed then get a highschool diploma.

    GED is my way, Get in trade school/college and get shit poppin.

    Show fools whas up.
  9. i don't start college til oct. 3, dunno why it starts so late..
  10. Colleges in Wisconsin and Iowa started pretty recently, a week or two ago.
  11. Yep, this is week 3 for me and a nice 10am exam tomorrow

    .....back to studying :(
  12. school here started at the begining of august
  13. Pay some attention this time around and learn how to fuckin' spell, will ya?
  14. i've finished all my summer classes (some fucking easy 4 credit wood carving and comic book classes) and my fall program doesn't start for another month. so now its like im just starting my summer vacation instead of ending it like most people. plenty of time now to waste playing bioshock :)

    damn its been a good year so far.
  15. Yea dude it fuckin sucks. I start wednesday tho.
  16. SOunds like you guys got it goin. IM tripppppping out so bad right now:smoking:fucking dxm:eek::gc_rocks::love:
  17. I get to record music every day this year for one class. Fuck yes!
  18. There are loads of colleges that start after labor day.
  19. Finished 2 yrs ago and what a relief, I'm a taper now and only have to work till Dec and don't start back till spring lol. Find a career you love and not a thing you dread everyday till your 60 and can retire.:smoke:
  20. Yeah, learning is terrible.

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