fuck football (soccer) rant

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Zylark, Jun 7, 2003.

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  1. tomorrow there is a football match beetween denmark and norway (go norway!!*), for qualifying to the european championship or whatever. and all the national newspapers and sites are fuckin filled with football shit. not to mention the tv. goddamn, absolutely all my fab shows are cancelled due to this shitting footballmatch. not to mention that soundcheck tomorrow will have to be finished by 1900 coz\' that\'s when the match starts, and all the idiots are gonna whatch it. i\'ve soo got football up to my throat. i\'m drowning in it.

    i\'m shure that if the goddamned swedes decided too, they could invade norway and denmark tomorrow, and nobody would notice coz\' they\'re all glued to the tv!!

    * just a bit of national pride kicking in, do not take it seriously. and i love denmark. not sweden tho\' sweden is evil, i\'m convinced about it. maybe i should take it up with dubya now that iraq is gone as a threat :)

    [lok rulez, and they\'re swedish, but nobody\'s perfect]
  2. i hate football
  3. man i hate organised football, kicking a ball about with mates is ok but organised pro football is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo boring
  4. i;ve always hated football
  5. fuck foot ball, fuck football fans, fuck football business men, fuck footballers, fuck football sponsors, fuck it all.

    and especially fuck both the concept, and those that state the concept that, \"football is civilised war\", fuck that! why do we need war at all? what if a civilised war got a little uglier (as is so often has) and get so out of control it becomes a full blown war?!?!!!

    and also fuck all the \"its a game of two halves\" and the \"its the beautiful game\" types too.

    fuck em... fuck em all, right up the ass with a 3 foot ribbed dildo! they deserve it... the lot of them

    and if you dont like this?

    dont ever get me started on football ever again.... especially after i\'ve had a couple of drinks. alcohol makes people so much more dangerous and un controlable.
  6. i love football.......but only if it\'s the teams i support or big games.......i wouldn\'t go out my way to watch a liverpool everton game..........but if it\'s celtic or scotland then yeah!..........i\'m glad we got a 1-1 draw with Germany, maybe still make it to Portugal after all...........Peace out........Sid
  7. denmark 1, norway 0.

    a relief really, coz the newspapers weren\'t so full off themself today. the danish papers had a blast though, calling us \"mountain-loosers\" lol

    they\'re just jealous tho\' since we\'re stinking rich with oil :)
  8. FUCK ALL FOOTBALL HATERZ!!! <--- Don\'t take seriously
  9. man i thought u euros all loved soccer =P
    i play it myself
  10. aaaaaaawww! that US national womans soccer team:Dmmmm mmm
  11. i love football. i play for a junior professional team in Spain. football is life everywhere but in the u.s.
  12. mmm if you wanna look at sports like a sex thing, nothing beats womens beach-volleyball :D


  13. ... er... yeah i happen to be in Scotland and though britain thinks its too good to be considered european i haaaate football

  14. hahahaha...
    took me by suprise with that one.
    not as much as woody with his porn football picture. ew :/
    *digit is blind in one eye now*
  15. The guy on the other team has that expression on his face of disgust , i bet he must be thinking \"What a Little Dick\" :D
  16. Exactly what i was thinking look at the lil peepers come out to play! You damn Europeans and your non-underwear wearing selves! JK lol
  17. cricket and baseball are way more boring then soccer will ever be but lacrosse is the best
  18. lol.

    yeah, soccer is only for heterosexuals who deny their attraction to the same sex. they actually like watching 22 dudes running around in shorts chasing a leather ball.

    well, goo luck to \'em :D

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