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  1. I'm sick and tired of everyone seeing Family Guy as "the animated family show to watch". Does anyone not realize that Family Guy is just a feeble attempt to combine the dysfunctional family themed shoe The Simpsons, with an the already established, politically incorrect comedy South Park? I mean seriously, every Family Guy show is exactly the same. They stealing ideas from other reputable comedy's.

    The Griffins start their day in a normal everyday situation. Some unforeseen event causes them to go on an adventure or strike up some mischief, usually having peter make a poop and/or fart joke(insert annoying laugh afterwards). Brian then chimes in with satirical view of the main plot point. Stewie says something that involves lois, death, a celebrity that no one has heard of, all with a fake British accent. Someone insults Meg, she cries. Brian then chimes in again with a flashback that has nothing to do at all with the theme of the episode. Peter farts again. Stewies accent is used once more. Meg goes to her room, and Chris says something about a monkey..

    I hate family guy with a passion. After watching The Simpsons for so long, every Family Guy episode is like a chopped up, shit smeared episode iv'e already see before. If anyone grew up watching the Simpsons or spent any time at all with South Park, I would expect them to catch-on to whatever it is Family Guy is putting on the airwaves now. I don't see how anyone can actually find episodes funny when they are all based on the same elements.

    Look at the Simpsons, most of the jokes are intelligent and clever. They have celebrities like Weird Al, The Rolling Stones, Micheal Jackson, Barbra Streisand, and a hundred(ya the names are in the hundreds) more people on their show, because its reputable. Fox knows that Family Guy is just a dumbed down version of the Simpsons that was turned into the average American piece of shit that floods our channels. Theres a reason why the Simpsons has been going on for SEVENTEEN years and Family Guy was canceled twice, DUH tv shows gain popularity after they become canceled, in fact thats a common way to get free publicity, by purposely canceling and resurrecting a tv show.

    The characters and family members are even the same. They both have 3 children, one dog, and a grandfather that come into play every few episodes. The creator of ren and stimpy, another landmark cartoon show, said this "If you're a kid wanting to be a cartoonist today, and you're looking at Family Guy, you don't have to aim very high... The standards are extremely low."

    If you want to see proof of this check my signature. All the Simpsons episodes were created before Family Guy and clearly show that Family Guy is riding on the coat tales of a successful comedy and is a perfect example of getting buy on other people's creativity and success.

    I am boycotting Family Guy and will stay true to the Real comic genius of The Simpsons, whether im sober, or high as a kite.

  2. Family guy can be funny sometimes. Futurama is where it's at...
  3. Regardless of what it is it's the complete randomness of the themes and scenes of the show that makes it funny to me.

    I mean cmon..

    "that time I got into a fight with that chicken"

    *cut to 4 minute long fight scene between peter and chicken man*

    Gotta love it.
  4. i personally strongly dislike family guy. i find that type of satire pathetic. they make cheap shots at poeople and instead of being witty and actually using satire to get a real message across, they just make a fool out of whoever they are refferencing. also, the humor is so grossly un funny. i notice that the same type of people all like the show the most. out of my friends, the ones that really love family guy use the same jokes from the show and the same awkward style hhumor with awkward pauses to try and make their own jokes, and that type of humor just sucks. its the lowest form of comedy in my oppinion/.
  5. I love the chicken man fights. I dont care who you are, theres something funny about the fog horn leg horn want to be, getting his ass kicked.
  6. Family Guy pwns you all.
  7. the stupid interludes and cutscenes, as well as the stupid musical performances they have in nearly every fucking show... that shit is just retarded. i watch it and think to myself, how could anyone enjoy this? its so mindless.

  8. Sounds like a line that could be used in family guy :rolleyes:
  9. I find Family Guy a lot more fast paced than The Simpsons. Most of the Simpsons is kind of boring to me, with some comedy gems sprinkled in. Their jokes in the Simpsons are much more intelligent yes, but I love the randomness of Family Guy.

    By now, Season 5, it's getting a bit old though, the randomness is more like... oh, you inserted that joke again? NICE!!

    The Star Wars family guy was funny, but a bit drawn out and repetitive. Definitely funny though. The jokes just felt familiar.
  10. You should be stoned topic creator..and not in the good way..but the bad way..the one with rocks and your head.

    im saying this as a joke of course, but still
  11. Simpsons will always hold a place in my heart, but I definitely still love watching Family Guy. Never really heard people talk bad about it until that one South Park episode.......

  12. I don't really like family guy that much, but that chicken fight was epic to say the least.
  13. OP:

    The basic concepts are the same, but I agree with Hookahlove that Family Guy is more fast-paced comedy and you don't have to sit around and watch and follow the story for the jokes--They're all interchangable, which is both a negative and positive.

    However, as a response to the links in your signature--Some of those are pretty bad, however some of them stop as soon as the copying ends, meaning you miss out on the viewing community's inside jokes (especially Stewie doing the 'bom-chicka-wow-wow' song after Brian "violates" Seabreeze.)

    They're the same concept geared towards different tastes of comedy. If you can get the same jokes across in two different ways that appeal to two different crowds, why not?

    A lot of people mentioned the chicken fight--Something that the Simpsons never did. It's the subtleties that make Family Great.
  14. South Park, Futurama, and ATHF are the best cartoons out there right now. Family guy got old fast. The old episodes are leagues above the new ones. I mean, I was pumped when they brought it back but once I watched em it was all meh.

    And the movie BLEW.
  15. I gotta disagree, dude. Family Guy is the shit.
  16. I didn't realize Matt Groening had an account on GrassCity :rolleyes:
  17. ? What does this post mean?
  18. i personally love family guy. i have been watching south park since it came out in the 90's and watch the simpsons frequently and i still love family guy. i can tell family guy kind of rips off simpsons but who cares as long as it makes me laugh. where else can you get those non-sequiters.no-where, thats where.
  19. OK well to give a short summary of my whole rant.

    Simpsons will never copy Family Guy.
  20. What's your point? Simpsons is more original than Family Guy?

    Can't argue that.

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