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  1. They make it unbelievably difficult to delete your messages. You used to be able to click "delete conversation" and all the messages would be deleted. Now you have to manually go through and click every single message, i'm talking every little "hello" or "hi" or "got any weed" .. there is a check box next to each one and you have to go through and click each box. Then once you have done that the messages are still visible on the other persons inbox unless they go through the same excruciating process to delete them. 
    And I know they do all this on purpose so that you just say "fuck it" and leave your information out there. And if you think "oh i know, i'll be clever and just delete my account" well, there is no deleting your account. You can deactivate it , but all the information is still there, saved in their database. So if you really want to "delete" your account, you will have to go through and individually unlike everything you have liked "movies, music , interests, etc.." , you willl have to individually delete every message, every picture, every post... And once you do all this there is still pictures that other people have posted of you which you cannot delete unless you personally ask that person.
    It's just really fucked up how deep in it you are really getting when you sign up for the site that is "Free, and always will be." even that slogan is eerie sounding, isnt it?
    Even if you go through and remove everything manually (a 24hr+ process no doubt) , the information has more than likely already been saved in their database from the moment you made it public knowledge. 
    If i knew what i was getting myself into back in 09' i would have never entered.
    I mean I guess it really doesn't matter because once you are dead it wont matter ... but still man, talk about an invasion of privacy.


  2. Damn you sure are butt hurt, nice short story you typed.
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  3. LOL at your face book problems... sounds like facebook doesnt want to forget...    o .O
  4. Booked by gf??? Just make 2 facebook accounts.
  5. You gave up your right to privacy the second you logged onto the internet.
  6. never had a facebook never will.  most friends stopped using it now anyway
  7. if you cant find out how to delete your messages all at once you need to go look again...
  8. Yes, you have to be VERY CAREFUL about what you post in FB. Employers and everyone has access to your info. I wouldn't be surprised if the feds were paying Zuckenburg to implement info findiing stuff about people. I have some friends that refuse to have a FB account because of exposure to the world. I am thinking about making up an alias female account with all false info, and then just let certain freinds know who is really behind that account.
  9. yea man, everything you type on the internet is on here for good bro. its not just facebook.
  10. I have a FB account but I don't use it that much. Yeah Employers glimpse through various accounts to see if the person is worthy enough for them to hire on the job, I have a few pages of Cannabis I like but that's not really that detrimental. 
    You gotta be careful what you post on the net, it could be taken against you. 
  11. If my fb is private, employers can't see it right ? Just Obama
  12. they also have all of your deleted messages too, cause once it is posted its there until facebook decides to delete it from there servers
  13. Facebook?

    Oh yeah, I almost forgot about that gay site.

    Deleted my account a long while ago.
  15. Fuck facefuck.. 
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    actually you can't delete your messages. they get "archived" so they will always be there no matter what, and you are right, your information is permanently on the internet. it's pretty fucked up
    i honestly hate facebook because it makes you into an egotistical fuckhead. it's only good for messaging on mobile rather than having a texting plan
    so addicting though, whenever im bored as shit you'll find me on facebook
  17. I have an account I do not use. Probably wont delete it anytime soon since you can't just hit 'delete account' sigh*
  18. In 5 years FB is going to be what Myspace is now.
  19. Facebook has some weird quirks. I would agree with that.

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