Fuck emotions.

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    All they do is get in the way. I cried for the first time in a long while multiple times today. And all it is, is annoying.

    How do my emotions effect me? They dont effect anyone else unless I act on them. So fuck emotions, they bother me.
  2. thats how i've been living my life for a while now, its ok you lose some humanity and gain some insight.
  3. if you want them out of they way, expose your self to ALL the horrors of the world, enuff so nothing bothers you.

    brutal huh?
  4. join the army, see the world ;)
  5. lucky i cant even show my real emotions to people that i like
    im too afraid what they will think if im sober :mad:

  6. How can you say fuck emotions? If it weren't for emotions, all of us would be dark, dull and boring. Noone would see us when we're happy, sad, mad.. etc.. ya know?

    You gotta be able to to show how you feel sometimes.. the more you don't, the worse off inside you get.

    theres my 2 pennies.
  7. Only time Im happy is when Im on drugs. When Im off drugs Im an emotional mess. So yeah.
  8. Bro, you better believe I understand that shit.

    Hardest thing for me to do.. is I've gone so far down, that I don't like to show my emotions, in fear of people seeing who I am, when I can't protect my thoughts from any substance.

    But.. that shows people that I have something I'm afraid of, and that makes me feel like shit. Once you can control the little thing inside your head that creates fear, and fearful emotions.. your set free.

    All I gotta do, is learn how to not be afraid all the time.
  9. this is like me im mad that i cant do it when im not on e :(
  10. codone man i hope u feel better, i read about u loseing 400$ worth of H.... im sorry to hear that.
  11. That's why my recreational drug of choice, is and will always be, xanax.
  12. This is the perennial conflict that happens with in all of us wether were aware of it or not.

    Rationality vs. Emotions

    Emotions are horrible in the sense that they basically make you feel sorry for yourself, or angry towards an other which eventually leads to nostalgia, the other bad emotion. They are annoying indeed, but there in lies the bitter sweetness of it, because in the opposite end of the spectrum you get joy, wonder, curiosity, panic, fear. All of these emotions make the entire drug experience and lifestyle so much fun.

    I like to yell at my emotions often, but I would not want a world without them.
  13. Emotions are what make life beautiful. Without emotions we can't feel anything. A person without emotion is just a shell. I say embrace them.
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    Look up existentialism. Its the belief that emotions dont matter and you as an individual does not matter to shit in the universe, among other things.

    I love you man. :cool:
  15. lol, i'm sorry and i don't want to look like an ass or something but this thread looks like some sort of pity party to me. how can you say fuck emotions? when you're referring to emotions i only see you mention the negative ones.... there are many positive emotions. those are essentially what drugs are, a sort of amplification of positive emotions (with the right mindset of course.) that shoudl be common knowledge especially to the members that frequent pandora's box. also, emotions aren't meant to rationalized because they are impossible to rationalize. you cannot really stop yourself from feeling emotions and although you can supress them you cannot tell yourself to stop feeling it's annoying to you. it's about as cowardice as suicide, honestly. the closest you can get to not feeling anymore is desensitizing yourself which is easily obtained through joining the army and seeing many things that the human mind can't fully comprehend.

    to reply to what thebigd^ said, you need to feel or else we would all be the same dull people. emotions are a bigger part of who we are than you realize if you could really think you could live without emotions. getting high, which is something we all do would be pointless because you simply wouldn't be able to have fun and be happy because happiness is an emotion and fun plays off happiness because you do fun things to be happy. all these concepts relate to each other and they are very much inescapable. Codone, if you are an emotional mess while you aren't chemically induced i hope you actually see a professional who can help you better than drugs or i can. i don't mean this offensively but from what you have mentioned the way you are living your life would make me miserable and i would have probably killed myself by now if i were also mentally unstable besides living to get high. you may take this offensively but this is how i truly feel and this is in no way meant to be condescending or just plain dick.
  16. don't mean to be rude but i'm pretty sure that's not what existentialism is. isn't it the philosophy that says the human race should be helping themselves and stop putting their hope in God or a god in times of hardship because this theory believes that there is no such thing as a supreme being? the basic general idea, but not at all the complete philosophy.

    dude, you got to lighten up because in the long run things can always get better but you being angry will make it worse than it is before it gets any better. if you ever need someone to talk to, shoot me a PM.

    if at all it seems like i'm writing too much or acting overly passionate about this subject it is indeed because i am extremely passionate about embracing my humanity and emotions because it is who i am and it is one of the only things no one will can take away from me.
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    Exactly. I dont believe in God. I dont believe in emotions. Im not angry. Emotions are more of a bother than anything to me. I still feel emotions but sometimes I literally say out loud "Fuck emotions" and continue on.

    Edit: Thats like the most serious Ive ever seen you post. Damn man arent you like really young?
  18. Of course, but that only means anything if you believe it does. You have to create meaning for your own life, no one is going to do it for you. It might not be that important, you might not be well known, but you're important to yourself and the people you come into contact with.

    That's the point "No Country for Old Men" made. We're all going the same place, your only choice is how you get there. It's not really that clear through the movie, but at the end, when Ed Tom (Tommy Lee Jones) is telling his wife about his dream; a dream where his father rides by him on a horse, with a fire horn to make fire somewhere out in the wilderness, but Ed Tom understands, "I knew that whenever I got there he would be there. And then I woke up." I feel like it's also the point Anton is making when he flips a coin and has people call it to save their own lives but I can't really articulate it, just that so much can rest on so little and only through our feelings can we manipulate and understand the world around us.
  19. You can not control your emotions...just because you tell yourself not to be sad does not mean you are not sad....or mad, or glad, or whatever the feeling may be....it is a feeling that just comes

    Any emotion, if it is sincere, is involuntary. ~Mark Twain
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  20. No.

    Existentialism is the search for a meaning, a reason to exist, the questioning of your purpose and the purpose of humans and the world as a whole.

    What you are describing is Nihilism. Nihilism is the belief that life has no meaning or value and that we are here for no particular reason. A belief of non belief.

    Im somewhere in the middle.

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