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Fuck DXM

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Thchill, Jun 2, 2009.

  1. Okay so I did DXM for the first time about a week ago.

    So far ive done LSD MDMA(recently) MJ(of course), alcohol & DXM.

    So... my friend and I bought two bottles of robitussin "strength or max or some shit lol," and it had 250 ML in the bottle. I have no idea how to calculate how much DXM was in it.

    We chugged our bottles.

    Ten minutes later im feeling kinda tingly and warm.

    Over the next two hours I drink and smoke some bud.

    Nothing happend...

    Am I just mega fail? Or did I do something wrong.
  2. weird. im going to get some delsym tomorrow and thats your best bet if your extracting it (highly recommended).

    also drinking+dxm=ehhh not so smart
  3. Well, it is probably because you didn't calculate your dosage at all and didn't take enough? just look at the reccomended dosage, see how many mgs are in said dosage, and then divide total amount by recomended dosage and multiply that by the mgs per dose.
  4. also what kinda of dxm are you using (HBr or Polistirex)?? for polistirex requires a much higher dose but sustains a longer trip.

    or maybe you were too drunk n stoned to notice the effects of a low does also i reccomend only smoking bud on dex - the drinking cant imagine ur liver likes that.
  5. hey man
    my first time was amazin man
    try this out
    full bottle of extra strength benylin its the red bottle
    try to get the big bottle too
    its 250 ml
    my first was the little bottle but it did get me high
    but i got more tolerant
    so fuck urself up and try tht out
  6. key word: Robitussin
  7. I don't understand how you can expect to get an appropriate dosage without even bothering to figure out how much you're taking. :confused:

    Go look up dosage information on erowid or something, do some simple math next time, and figure out the appropriate amount instead of just winging it and hoping for the best.

  8. Word. Its absurd to make a thread complaining about dxm when u dont even know what you put in your body.

    Read the label. figure out mg per 5 or 10 ml and figure out how many ml the whole bottle has. Simple math
  9. man i agree with u
    i should measure it
    but wat i do is i strt of with so much
    then keep increasin my dosage of the bottle everytime i go
    until i feel good and floatin
    so thts my measurements
    go till u feel nice
    and everytime its amazin man lol
  10. Try getting [​IMG]

    Hits hard and fast contains about 394 mg of DXM HBr
    The 4oz contains about 354mg DXM HBr
    The 8oz contains about 708mg DXM

    8 ounce is about $8.99
    4 ounce is about $5.99

    And a calculator to calculate how many MG you need to take to reach a certian plateau
    Is available here:

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