fuck crackheads

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  1. i have a crackhead that lives in my neighborhood and he has always been a pest to me and my family and all others on my street and this guy alreay hates me with a passion for really no reason
    and today he crossed the line, this man screamed and yelled at his six year old daughter right in the middle of the neighborhood street

    i took notice to this when i could hear him over my damn television so i watched this man torment his own daughter for a few minutes but i did not want to get involved

    but this shit continued to go on so i walked on my front patio so he could see that i was there

    he took one look and didn't care at all and continued to do this, now i have never seen anything like this and i was disgusted but i still didn't want to get involved

    but then he fuckin hit her and shook her around and screamed at the top of his lungs in her face
    she is fuckin six years old

    soo try as i might i couldn't help it anymore and yelled stop or i'm calling the police

    he turned to me and screamed all kinds of racial slurs at me and started walkin toward me saying this aint your business blah blah

    so i go to the bottom of my driveway where this guy was and without even a wink he shoved me

    and i snapped and put him in the ground hard

    as he was bleeding and yellin that "i just fucked up" his skank whore of a wife came out with a god damn bat

    i told them to go inside and stop before it gets out of hand
    they did back down but i am kinda worried since they know where i live haha

    i know they won't call the cops because they probably have a meth lab in their garage but i still don't know what to do

    call child services, maybe the cops?

    i think this guy might do some shit to my house when i'm away

    damn i wish i was making this up i need some help guys
  2. Definately phone the police and tell them what happened.

    Especially if the man has caused trouble before, we had something like this going on in my old neighborhood, for a while people tolerated it. But after one night some folks had seen enough.

    They called the cops a few days after the incident and reported the guy.

    I'm not exactly sure what happened to him, but I would suggest at least letting them know YOUR situation and what has gone down. If they feel the need they will do the child services part.
  3. Call the cops. Not because you think he might vandalize/rob your house, but because he mentally and psychically abused his six year old daughter. Cops will call CPS, and it truly is sad to see a kid go into foster care, but 99% of foster homes will be better then her current environment.
  4. Man, fuck the cops I handle all problems myself.
    You don't need to get the police involved in your life if you smoke bud.
  5. Seriously, this is one of the times where you need to involve the authorities, not because of what happened with you or what you think might happen to your house (although this is important), but as has been said because there is a childs well being at stake.
  6. i would call the child services and talk to them, maybe not tell them everything you saw, just find out some information and keep it in mind. And about crackhead and crackhead's wife, wireless security cameras that use your laptop/computer's hard drive to record and store the images/video aren't too pricy, check out ebay.
  7. thats just stupid, smoking bud has nothing to do with this, & you cant handle all your problems without the police cuz then you might get the police on you.

    But I would recommend you call the cops, tell them everything you know about the guy, child abuse, he is a drug abuser, tell them all that shit thatd probally get him outta there for good
  8. just move all the weed shit out of your house for a couple days while the authorities handle that fucking jackoff.
  9. security cameras are about fifty bucks. . most have usb hookups so you can record stuff

    if he does try anything to your casa
  10. call the police and make a report...If you do and the guys still messes up your house, he will be the first person the police look at because you made that report
  11. ATleast call child services for the daughter man, but than he might connect that with you, so if you want to go the cop route, do that aswell.

    I have alot of crackheads in my city man..fuck them bitches they aint shit

  12. wtf

    yea get into a car accident where its not your fault, but dont call the cops because you can handle it... dumb shit

    cops are there to help you too
  13. Glad you beat his ass down.

    I wouldn't have even threatened police, i'da just gone down on his ass.

    Hit em with a tire iron or somethin. That or just knucklebust him.
  14. Actually, i might have just phoned the cops

    Cuz then i could be arrested for assault if i hit em with the tire iron.
  15. well than for all for the input but i didn't call the cops and whenever i'm outside that guy just stares me down

    i'm prolly gonna have to fight him again

    eh whatever, i'm gonna give him a chance and i'll call the cops next time
    hopefully there won't ba next time though
  16. I would definitely notify someone (child services or the police) about the incident, and make sure someone is keeping an eye/checking up on the youngin'.

    It'll only be a matter of time before he slips up again. Hopefully it's later rather than sooner and hopefully its not permanently damaging or worse to the child. Shes not yet able to take care of herself and from what you've said, I doubt he's in condition to do so either.
  17. I've had enough incidents with crackheads to know that if you get physical at all you need to mark your fucking territory. None of this running inside and calling the cops bullshit. Pull out a fucking cricket bat and a can of mace and fuck shit up.
  18. You should really call the cops as soon as possible, by giving him a chance your just letting him know that he can do that to his daughter and no one will call the police. Give him an inch and he'll take a mile.
  19. ... fag

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