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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Little Wing, Feb 29, 2004.

  1. Last night me and some friends went to pick some trees up at like 2am. We almost got there when my friends car broke down. The oil indicator was on so my friend ran to the closest gas station to buy some oil..

    It was me the driver and another friend. I was completely wasted but they had not started drinking yet. So me and my other friend were sitting in the car when down the road behind us we see 2 cops pull over a car. The driver runs out of the car into the woods. My friend bugged out and got this knife out of some compartment of the car because he thought this guy would try and come steal the car or some shit (even though it was broken down).

    We waited like 10 more minutes and he put the knife into a bag of his in the car. Then the two cops come pull up behind us, tell me to get out of the car. I had nothing on me, so i figured it would just be best to cooperate. So he makes me put my hands ont he hood of the car and he searches me. They then told me and my friend to stand behind the car. It's freezing out so we were shivering because we were made to stand out in the cold. And the cop were all like "Are you nervous about something? Or are you cold?". Obviously it was freezing out and I'm in nothing but a fleece, and he wouldnt let me put my freezing hands into my pockets.

    While we are back there I suddenly reallize they are searching my friends car. They didnt even tell us. I was also pretty fucking wasted so didnt know exactly what was going on. Then the cop comes out with this knife, and asks whos bag of shit was this in the car. My friend said it was his and that he had forgotten about the knife. They then ahve us sit in the car for half an hour while we wait for the leautenant to come decide whether my friend is going to get arrested. They put him in handcuffs, then take him home...

    We then get my friends car towed and the cop says he's going to give us a ride to where we want to be, but we didnt want him to take us to the party we planned to go back to. So we get in the backseat of the police car (there were 3), which is the most uncomfortable seat you could possibly imagen. The cop then drives at 90 miles an hour on a 25 mph road to my house. Where we then ahve to call my friend at 4 a m to come pick us up. Finally we get back to the party, played some more beer pong and passed out.

    But cops are fucked up.
    And we're positive they arrested my friend because he was black.
  2. You might have a good case against the piggies if you and your friends plan ahead and get a lawyer. They didn't have a good reason to search you guys and if they really didn't ask you or even tell you they were searching the car then they did something illegal.
  3. Well we had nothing on us, and they didnt bring my friend in. just handcuffed him, then took him home.

    If I had had anything on me I would have gone about things in a completely different way. "Am I free to go officer?", "May i call my lawyer", "Whya re you searching the vehicle/my person?" etc...
  4. yup i dont mind dealing with basic search and what have you shit when i dont have shit on me it builds a good fuck u piggy rep for next time when u actually DO have something on u
  5. I understand that you weren't busted for anything but that's not the issue, these guys did one illegal thing and a couple other arguably illegal things. Plus it means that they do it to other people, maybe you can be the ones to put a stop to it.
  6. vry good point....... but i still like my point... just cause they searched your car... it wasnt any big.... well fuck yeah it was if they didnt ask that was illegal and a good piggy roast is in order..... opinion changed... beep beep, entering fuck em up mode
  7. I never even looked at the officers names... I am not really sure as to what i can do, or how i can do it.
  8. What a bunch of racist, they like to profile black kids.
  9. not to downplay ur story, but, you were drunk at the time...the events that occured may have not been excatly as you said they happened...

    whatever..fuck the police
  10. Wait a second, so they didn't file a report or actually charge him with anything? They detained him if he wasn't arrested. I believe the max time of detainment allowed is something like 24 hours...but if he wasn't told he was placed under arrest, and no report was filed, he may be in the clear; but they will be watching him more closely. Then again, if he was arrested, it would be an illegal search and seizure without probable cause. If a cop told me to get out of the car I would ask them why, and if they had no probable cause and could not detain me, I'd walk away safe, knowing they can't do shit without probable cause or a warrant of some sort.
    And if they did have a warrant...I'd ask to see it...if it was a vague and unfounded reason and they did find something, or even didn't, it's possible to get the case thrown out if they do charge you.

    But I don't ever travel anywhere with weed...and if I do, it's enough so that I can eat it like scooby snacks if needed.
  11. when you meet the mutha fuckin po po
    gotta hit em with the fo fo (44)

  12. That's a little low, isn't it? Consider his situation. Doesn't sound like he's going to prison does it? Also, consider they are doing their jobs, and they do have families; its not their fault the laws prohibit marijuana, its the DEA and people like John Asscroft...also consider cop cars are equipped with dash cams. You would be prosecuted beyond all belief into a very cold and dark place for the next 50 years or more, where the only voice you would know would be named Bubba..and thats if they didn't give you the chair.
    ...another thing to consider...pulling a gun (or attempting to) on a cop will most likely result in getting a bullet in your skull, so I wouldn't reccommend it for all of those reasons.

    And if you're religious; you wouldn't want to go to hell, would ya?
  13. I know in the state of NJ if a cop puts handcuffs on a minor all charges will be dropped against him. Its a technacality that works for the kids.
  14. People don't reallize cops don't always follow the laws... I have had friends that cops have planted pot on and arrested. They can get away with qutie a lot.
  15. could you ever record conversations with cops if you tell them? i mean they shoudnt say no if they are here to protect and serve, since they have nothing to hide (shifty eyes)


  16. depends on the state, some states you have to get permission from the person you're recording (on tape) before you can record what they say.
  17. It's a good thing you got pulled over by a cool cop. The cops where I live probly would have kicked your ass for no reason and then took you to jail. You guys did the smart thing by cooperating I mean look at Rodney king..You wouldnt wanna end up like him..Or at least I know I wouldnt.
  18. I dunno what you should do lbut i was watching cops last night and the douche started to chase someone on a dirbike and the dumbass drove up on the train tracks and got stuck. then 2 trains came but they both changed tracks so nothing happened. I wanted the dumbass' car to gt fucking wrecked by a train. But alas, fucking pigs have better lucj than i.

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