FUCK COLLEGE! I'm going to be a window washer

Discussion in 'General' started by cannabis, Sep 7, 2007.

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  2. Lol....good for a chuckle
  3. Lmao, tourrettes tuesday. Incredible.
  4. Thats ingenious.
  5. haha thats probably not far from truth.
  6. Fuck you. Is that real? If that's real fuck college I'ma drop out and do that ish now. Not really, but still fuck you.

    LOL, jk mang.

    Fuck you.
  7. haha thas great, too bad every window washer uses that money on crack
  8. I think I've read that somewhere before.... Those 'bums' make fucking bank. Thing is, most of them spend it all on crack.

    Edit: damn, I should read poasts before makin my own.
  9. think about it, you do that for 8 hours a day, everyone hates a window washer, but at the same time they still know they have to give him something, so say he gets about 30 cars an hour, gets an average of like a buck 25 per car, thats 37.50 an hour.... fuckin dough stacks, an i bet its more than that too cause some people will give u like 5 bucks every once in a while....

    come to think of it i should start doin that shit, i live out in the burbs so it would be an odd site out here at a stop light an i would prolly make stacks

    dead serious, hopefully when im not high anymore this still sounds like a good idea.....
  10. wow lol, that was awesome. tax free as well, incredibe $$
  11. There's a guy near my local mall that is up there every day with a sign that says homeless, ragged up clothes, the whole nine, and at the end of the day he gets in his 2006 Chrysler and drives home.
  12. People do that everyday for a living i see it all the time it crazy most of the time there not really disabled and homeless. Like can a homeless man have a scooter how does he charge it up if he's broke
  13. Its a fair game, car dealers do make crazy moey buying a $500 car and selling it for $3000. Thats a good clip lol :hello:

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