Fuck Cold Sores!

Discussion in 'General' started by Shalom Salaam, Oct 28, 2007.

  1. They can all go suck a nut. :mad:
  2. but then the nuts would have herpes... and thats just no fun at all.

  3. Good Point. They can go suck the President's nuts.
  4. they got this medication for it, its like 10-15 bucks for a small ass thing but it gets rid of it like 2 days.

  5. Abreva, every stoner should have a vile of this shit. Especially if you smoke with friends who bring over random people to smoke with you. Bastards should never smoke with a cold sore.
  6. haha, thanks for all the tips. I got some stuff for it that's working pretty good, should be gone by tomorrow. This has been by far the worst and longest lasting cold sore i've ever had so i'm just ranting.
  7. Yeah cold sores are no fun. They make you very self-conscious, especially since they're associated with genital herpes even though they're two different viruses. Most people get cold sores in infancy from being around other kids, and unfortunately there's no cure.

    I use a prescription cream called Denavir that helps a lot... in my opinion it's more effective than Abreva. Taking Vitamin C is also equally as important. I usually start taking 1000 - 2000 mgs a day when I have a cold sore. Both of these treatments combined have made them usually only last 2 days, and they're much smaller and less noticeable. Hope this helps.

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