Fuck chrome

Discussion in 'General' started by SirOmniscient, Jan 23, 2014.

  1. Why the fuck did google chrome have to take away the scrolling arrows  :confused:

    tried it like 2 years ago and didnt like the look of it
  3. yo try out dis new state o' da art techno-ology i jus found it called intonet explorer
  4. I uses Opera.  No complaints until they took away the auto fill password button.  Now I have to manually type the first letter of username before it fills in everything >.<
  5. nigga you need hooked on phonics
  6. i got a mac so i scroll pages with 2 fingers on the trackpad... step yo game up son
    scrolling arrows on the right side are so 10 years ago
  7. How much is ita gram?
  8. same hea nigga i got dat macbook pro u no how we do
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    idk man. i been smokin dat hooked on phonics too much though bruh
    Had a mac before and didnt like it lol. I didnt really use the arrows anyway but its weird not seeing them anymore
    But he hooked on chronics

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