FUCK... can i save my plant?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by bizzletwister10, Aug 23, 2008.

  1. well my dumb shit dog broke my plant near the soil today when i was finally perfecting the minor details in my grow box and it was sittin on the ground. the plant was only about an inch and a half tall, but now im back to ground zero. can my plant be saved or is it fucked? how can i save it?!?!
  2. bent or snapped?

    if its bent just prop it up.

    you could try planting it if it snapped, dunno if it will root though, worth a shot.
  3. Yeah, is it's snapped, you could try to dig up the old root system, throw it out, and treat the top part as a clone. Dip it in rooting stimulant, put it back in the soil, cover it with some sort of plastic, keep lights over it, and try to keep the humidity at or near 100%. Give it five to ten days to root, and if it does, it should be fine.
  4. what is rooting stimulant?
  5. Its exactly what it sounds like...its a chemical that softens up the plant material and makes it easier for roots to form out of the end.
  6. There are tons of different ones. I use Dip n' Grow, but look on some hydroponics websites or your local store for others.
  7. yea if it's broke they only way is trying using your plant as a clone,by using a rooting gel like the other guys said....Good luck :smoke:
  8. keep me posted on if it lives
  9. alright.... but i think im going to start a new plant. this one is not lookin too likely to survie
  10. I have found that tiny plants like this do not survive accidents well.
  11. I'm afriad I agree with cantharis... Well established plants seem to have a much better chance of surviving trauma. IMO, it's not worth the invested emotion to try and save it... just plant a new one.
  12. dude same thing happend to me except it was with 4 plants..was such a bitch..as it turned out none of mine lived :mad:

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