Fuck Call of Duty

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  1. Hey all
    This isnt about the game itself ie: as in mecahnics, graphics, gameplay etc.but
    hear me out

    last night after a long day of work i decided to blaze and have a crack at playing video games, something i never get the chance to do.

    my bro just copped a pas3 with modern warfare 3, sick game as far as ive heard, but playing it high was not what i expected

    surely, playing it sober it seems so much fun, bulets, destruction, herosim it sounds peachy

    but high....

    despite the gameplay, i couldnt help but think about the senseless violence it promotes
    i was told to wipe out and entire squad of men with an ac-130 or some shit like that
    and i couldnt do it

    i simpky threw the control at my brother and said "fuck this game"

    all that kept hititng me was the value of life, how in video games like that we shoot at hundreds of "russian" troops who themselves represent other individuals, people who had dreams, lives, families, morals, parents, siblings etc-all killed like cattle, bodies littering the streets of places like NY, Paris or Germany

    yet in a game like that, it's encouraged to take a high powered rifle, some 50 cal or grenandes and blow away rushing troops, like some michael bay film- like i'm shooting at robots or animals

    we never stop to think about the value of human life, surely it can be said it's just a game, but idk

    it's senseless slaughter, and games like this never show the true brutality of war- the displaced homes, hundreds of dead civilians, 18-21 year old soldiers who are scared shitless

    i don't understand how bud is illegal if it made me realize all this, promoted my stance on anti-war and appreeciate the value of human life.

    i think ill stick to "alien" shooters lol

    i would love to hear what you think, not just about COD but all ideas on war, games or films like that

    it's not cool man-
    peace and love family ALWAYS
  2. When I'm playing a game, I have no value of life for the computer simulations. Matter of fact I go for headshots , still I'm no murderer.
  3. Video game characters don't have dreams, lives, families, morals, parents, or siblings. They also don't have emotions.
  4. Good thread

    Watch the video in the thread about how north Koreans view Americans

    It goes in depth into this
  5. Yeah battlefield is better lol but I think it's just another for of media. Parents gotta make sure their kids don't believe it ok or that its real.
  6. I hear what you're saying but I feel you're taking it too far.

    There has to be a divide between fantasy and reality. You don't try to fly like superman, or shoot webs from your hands like spiderman. That's because there is an understanding that its for entertainment purposes and not actually reflecting real life.
  7. I personally think your over reacting. Its a fucking video game dude.
  8. [quote name='"WestCoast510"']I personally think your over reacting. Its a fucking video game dude.[/quote]

    Lol This^
  9. Man, you were high as fuck. I actually enjoyed playing MW3 campaign while stoned, but BF3 is better.

    It's just a game though dude.

  10. Korea has the biggest computer game addiction problem in the world :laughing:

  11. you are correct my friend. Human psychology takes everything we experience and adds it to the personality. We are being desensitized by video games. They are preparing the kids for what's to come.

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-F8CE-V4pFQ]US Army Recruitment, Video Games Have Most Ad Impact - YouTube[/ame]

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9aot0tPvoQI]U.S. Army Commercial Targets PG13 X-Men Audience - YouTube[/ame]

    It's all shiny and cool until one starts using one's brain.
  12. Or you could realize its a video game. I mean Pacman isn't goin to make me listen to repititve techno music while eating random pills in a dark room. Oh wait...
  13. I play these games and I agree with you somewhat.

    But I think the biggest problem is that parents let their kids play it,even though right on the front it says Mature for the rating.

    I mean in MW2 they have the part where you walk through an airport and just blow people away and fucking 12 years olds are playing this shit.
  14. [quote name='"SmokeyH"']

    Korea has the biggest computer game addiction problem in the world :laughing:[/quote]

    I don't think north Korea even has Internet
  15. Its a fucking game dude you gotta relax. They don't represent real people because they are fucking pixels on a screen.

    I'll play gta and pull out the .44 and slaughter a hundred fucking cops in a row and any innocent witnesses I see. Lol. It's fun because it takes some skill and quick thinking to be able to survive in a firefight where you're surrounded by police. Doesn't mean I'm gonna run outside one day and pull that shit. I don't even really like guns in real life. It's fun because it's not real. Maybe you shouldn't smoke weed if it makes you act like a prissy little bitch throwing a controller at your brother.

  16. lol i've learned much better than to get involved in internet arguments, especially with someone i never met

    "walks away"

    lol i think i might of presented this idea in a wrong way
    i am in no way or form saying games are the cause of alot of humanity's violent nature, who are we kidding, i love blowing up the fucking locust horde, shooting down those helghast motherfuckers or even running over cops in gta

    i was saying all this in the context of being high, how it just made me realize the violent manner these games portray the world, believe me i am no stranger to violence, blood and beef-losing friend :(
    but i have let my expierences shape me to understand the idea of human compassion
    i just noticed games like this present real world pronblems as having quick solutions, death is easy, killing someone is easy etc

    i dont believe games are directly linked to ha person's motives, sure they may influence (james holmes and the joker) but games DO NOT TELL SOMEONE TO PICK UP A GUN AND KILL

    playing the game just opened my eyes- our obession with violence and conflict-

    DUDE ^ THERE AATTACKED ME LIKE IM HIS ENEMY- why? dude doesnt even know me and my ways of being high

    it's just this social aggresion we have - that's what i opened my eyes too
  17. [quote name='"WTFun"']Video game characters don't have dreams, lives, families, morals, parents, or siblings. They also don't have emotions.[/quote]

    I took some bong hits earlier n went 18-4 on tdm on mw3

  18. Noob.
  19. Lol its just a game on a plastic disc. Have you played GTA? That shit is crazy running around streets gunning people down with a rifle haha
  20. I know where you're coming from OP. That's a good high if you can get to that point. I can't play violent video games when I'm high because they just make me feel so uncomfortable. I've had to quit playing Red Dead Redemption several times while high because of how real a good high can make everything seem.

    Play Little Big Planet while stoned. Now that's a good stoner game! If that's not your style then something like inFAMOUS might be a little lighter yet still engaging enough. That's been one of my favorites for a long time. Though now I play DC Universe Online.

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