Fuck California!

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  1. Kill em with kindness, thats the sprit champ! ;)
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    haha i have 120 posts on here cause i have a very social life in arizona, where i also come across some super dank tree. I post when im extremely bored or not in arizona. much unlike you, mr. almost 2,000 posts. Get a fucking life beyond some weed forum. I specifially asked people not to post on here if it wasnt helpful or positive, so why do they feel the need if its neither helpful nor positive? as for not making perfectly clear sense, that may be because ive had to turn to Mr. Smirnoff to help my frustrations and make my evening more interesting.

    Don't let them get you worked up, name calling will only get you an infraction and this post is already pretty close, just don't let em get to the point you get yourself in trouble shit aint worth it! 420!
  3. I'm sorry your trip to cali hasn't den the greatest. I don't prefer southern cali I'm up here in Sacramento and I got offered bud when I didn't even smoke. Hopefully your trip turns right side up. Happy daze :D
  4. thankyou man. hopefully this trip gets me back to the happy and excited mood i was in before...
  5. You are acting like Cali only had mids. Come on bro, every state has shwag and danks. Maybe if you have a connection to our danks, you wouldnt hate Cali so much.

    CA > AZ
  6. It is easy to find dank ask anyone really.
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    Do you really think I care enough to even read this wall of text? We don't need your ignorance here.

    If you want danks either get or become friends with someone who has a medical card. It really isn't that hard.
  8. Didn't read any walls of texts except the first, but you need a Med card from california to get into the dispensaries
  9. Fuck today, fuck sanfransisco, fuck califronia
    oh and fuck oakland too
    No but seriously, all lyrics aside...
    fuck oakland:mad:
  10. We sell tourists the snickelfritz.;)
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    If you're half the dick you sound like right now no wonder no stoners are gonna hook you up.
    next time you ask a stoner looking dude for bud. Tell them you'll smoke them down a fatty
  12. I asked one of my buddies back home for someone with a card's number. 2 grams of super jack herer and 2 grams of king louie XIII for $55. I must say, it is pretty dank. My buddy and I smoked a blunt of the king louie and I must say, it got us FLOORED. Definitely appreciating California and its many natural
  13. So many things wrong.

    1) Even if you're a legal Arizona MMJ patient, you cannot bring your AZ recommendation to CA and expect to be serviced in a CA dispensary. There are no reciprocity laws between the two states.

    2) GRASSCITY does not allow the discussion of diversion of MMJ to non-legal patients. So your little comments about buying meds off of a CA patient can get you an official warning or infraction points. Please don't bring that stuff to GrassCity.

    3) Entitled people think that everything that doesn't go their way is shit. If you hate California so much, go home. We don't need uptight Zonies here anyway! Believe me, I've seen so many Zonie Snow Birds in my day ruin it for the rest of us. We don't go to your state and piss you off do we?
  14. Because it didn't go your way either, eh? Hypocrisy runs deep in all our veins.
  15. you just know the wrong people.. and your arizona med card wouldnt work out here anyways, had you brought it. you need to be a CA resident and have a medical card from here.
    i'll be in huntington tomorrow for taco tuesday and some margaritas. oh and the US Open :smoke:

    if youre that desperate, ask around, im sure you can find someone with a med card in huntington beach. Especially while the US Open is goin on. just use your judgment.. see what theyre wearing, if theyre smokin a cig or whatever.. hair, etc.. then ask. you're bound to find someone.

    walk up and down main street and the pier.
  16. Sooooo you had a bad experience with a street dealer which means 163,700 sq miles. And everyone who lives there is bad, genrelisations can cause cancer man..............................just saying.
  17. The only negative thing about socal weed (im from norcal) I've heard is that it is super expensive compared to norcal weed. But then again we got da best weed here.
  18. you suck at finding weed OP
  19. Just ask for that Stress! bomb shit trust.
  20. i suck so bad at finding weed that i find myself smoking super jack herer and king louie XIII from a balcony overlooking the beach... yeah, i must really suck at finding buds...

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