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Fuck California

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Thchill, May 29, 2009.

  1. So I live in Socal.

    The weed here is fucking expensive, my dealer can hook me up with pretty much anything (acid,shrooms,E) but weed is fucking expensive.
    Here are my prices

    20$ for a dub 1.4-2.0
    50-65 for 1/8
    110-125 for a 1/4
    1/2 for 200
    O= 280-450 depending on quality.

    Whats odd is there is some great fuckin weed here.

    Idk, my connect seems legit. I got to walk through a despensary with him, and its not like hes jipping me.
  2. Where in socal?
  3. Seems pretty average price around the country for dank. 20 a g is pretty much the norm for middlemen tryin to make a buck.
  4. L.A. (I personally live in beverly hills) but my connect is down near Santa monica. Idk if I should be saying this... you could be major pedo.
  5. Canada is cold as fuck but the weed is so legit. Dank ass eighths are 30, 50 dollars is unheard of in most of Canada let alone BC.
  6. Lots o people in LA
  7. dude, Ive been to amsterdam before.

    I got 5g for 25$(crazy shit) I had four of my friends stand in a line and seperately pay for weed, wuz crazy got an O for like 130
  8. If your over 18 you dont have to fear pedos....unless you have kids of your own.

  9. Bro, Pedos pray on adults, we just call it rape. Im a skinny dude, I cant fight fo shit.

  10. you go to santa monica... go a little farther up to Green Angel Of Malibu. assuming u have a medical card. if not your not gonna find better prices (prices arent much better at green angel, but the weed is PRIMO) be glad you have the dankest weed in the country available to you.
  11. Yes, it's rape time.
  12. tag team it yyo hahahahah
  13. Well obviously youre paying the club price.
    its gonna be more.
    my hook give me halfs for 120-150
  14. I dont even know why you added the pedo part in. Your probably under 18 and just exposed yourself, or just lame. I would be more worried about police than a pedo, who thinks like that?
  15. sounds ight man..idk i would think these days in CALI you could get way better prices. i know a homie that sells quarters for 90 because if he sold a quarter for 70 he would just be like a middle man.damn i think your dealer is trying to make his paper to the fullest to be honest..
  16. That's funny. I got a friend down in Santa Monica.
    Your prices sound shitty. All more reason to grow if you're willing to accept the risky lifestyle.
  17. WOW. Fuck California? You ungrateful little...

  18. its all about who you know. I say just grow your own...
  19. NorCal>SoCal :rolleyes:

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