Fuck all rippers!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Sean_Daily420, Aug 29, 2008.

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  1. Came home to harvest. My shit was gone. If you find someones shit. Just leave it their they earned it. All those hikes and cuts and bug bites for nothing. :mad::mad::mad::mad:

    Wheres my bong:smoking:
  2. Yeah I feel for you dude... And the worst thing about it... It's probably someone you showed or told about them. Anyone you told about them I'd go doing some talking to some folks!!!!
  3. id say if you told someone, it was them then slash their tires at night. id say if you did tell a few people it is about 90% possible that it was them. so youve learned a valuable lesson, tell no one. this happend to me 2 years in a row man. if your gunna do shit i wouldnt directly approach them. do something behind their back like they did to yours. recently i approached someone who i was told helped steal my plants last year. kid was a fucking coward and wouldnt own up to it and claimed it was other people and dimed them out in an instant. karma will get them man. dont worry too much. just find a new secure location well away from the old one and your good to go next year. sorry about the assholes but its part of life i guess. btw you can also look into "vietcong traps" and that way youll know for sure who it was because theyll be dead, paralized or missing and arm or leg. i was going to do that this year but i figured it would come back and haunt me lol. i did alot of research on the traps but figured it wasnt worth it considering they only took a few plants which was all i had but still.
  4. Yeah man, sorry to hear that. How many female plants did you have? I was once stolen 15 budding plants on Sept 15th, horrible. Now I use big pots which I separate and move around 3 weeks before harvest so I get a brand new location with no tracks. You get a little less than in the ground itself but it still works well. I put 5 females in one 10 gallon pot (medium size trashc can) and they're happy. This year I added some soil on the top (after making the pot higher with pieces of crate) so they get more soil. I hope these m-f'ers don't come near my pots. Sorry again man, you'll be better in a few weeks but it's tough at first.
  5. Hey Sean Daily420 -

    I hate to hear about shit like that!! Last summer I had one of my grow spots raped! I lost 14 plants totaling about 100oz.... It sucks wicked big time!! Sorry for your lost.... I hope you had other plants in other locations. (Not having all your buds in one basket idea!)

    Kisses -
  6. sry to hear that man, I hope to GOD! That will not happen to me on my 1st outdoor grow ending the season!
  7. horrible, sorry to hear that! its people like that that end up making outdoor growers trap their plots, which get innocent people (hikers for example) hurt....its really a shame.

    better luck next time......maybe try a completely isolated area next time:smoking:
  8. just got my shit jacked ... haha to bad they only took my 4 guy plants that i separated... but ya man sorry to hear that if you know who it is i would retaliate if they don't fess up.. f*** them moochers...
  9. i used to smoke with this dude we nicknamed the ripper. .

    we called him that because after his first time smoking he ate so much he puked pineapple and hotdogs all over my friends carpet
  10. Really ???
  11. It was almost certainly someone you showed your crop to. While I agree that one should be able to trust ones friends, the fact is you can't. If you show someone your crop you will lose it. If you tell someone about it, you will probably lose it as well. And this is the best case scenario. Worst case is you get snitched on and busted. Keep your mouth shut. If you really want to show someone your crop, come to Grass City kid.
  12. I hope it doesnt happen to you either its the worst feeling ever especially on a first grow. My first year growing I had a plant in a bucket that was finished before all the others and I had it trimmed and hanging in my garage waiting for it to dry and about 2 days before it was dry enough to smoke someone jacked it. It pissed me off beyond belief the plant probly had 3 ounces on it but thankgod it finished before my other plants or all of them would of been hanging to dry in the same spot and would of all got stolen. I still had a little under a pound even with my one plant gone which probly isnt bad for a first grow.
  13. yo that sucks, esp when you already harvested and had it drying thats like you literally did all the work and i bet you it was some assholes who didnt appreciate it and said it was a waste of their time cuz it still tasted planty lol fuckin idiots, if those people only knew, very few people know about mine and its in a secure in closed location
  14. that was the worst part my man. I did every bit of work just for those chumps to walk in and steal it. They got it coming though its been years and I still havent thought of the perfect revenge yet. I know exactly who did it.
  15. dont even try to get too much revenge, if it happend so long ago, just let it be now, people like that usually have shitty lifes lol so just learn from your mistakes, if you can let it dry indoors like a closet or something thats the key, keep your privacy up and your rage down you'll probably do fine, i have the privilege of being able to grow in a secure location, rather then having to guerilla grow in the wild somewhere, i dont live in the country or anything so there isnt too much foresty areas that people dont go through often, also i wouldnt do that unless i was doing a field of grows but i have no interest in that, its all Personal use for me so i dont mind.

    i even have cameras watching lol so if some one does it, and i do happen to kno them first thing ill do is call them up with a fat blunt already rolled tell em to come over and that i just found a crazy video. Once they come over ill even smoke the blunt with them and then just duct tape their whole body to like a tree or something after watching the video. Gonna get my pinata on lol
  16. you poor bastard:(
  17. heres what i would do... take a couple long 2x4's..... pound some nails in it in a row, about 5 inches apart. put the boards surrounding your ladies pointy side up, and cover with leaves..... If you really wanna make them pay soak the nails in half water/half salt, to get some nice rust.... By the time the tetanus sets in they will have already learned their lesson..... it would be extremely painful. you could also tie some fishing line to trees about 6-8 inches off of the ground, to trip them. whatever you do leave no fingerprints on any of it......, so you cant be held liable. idk if anyone would be dumb enough to call police and say "I was stealing someones plants and i got a nail in my foot....

  18. Nice advice.....what about the poor fucking animals ashesfrombuds....anyone ever think of them?
  19. Yes ashesfrombuds!Great idea! :) I got ripped this year by some 'friends' and I was thinking to grow some bag seeds on the same spot next year but to poison(not to kill,just severe stomach pains few days...) that plants for my 'friends'.But your idea is much better,so simple but genius!I guess its gonna be 2x4 surprise next year! :)
  20. *LOL* Friends.....uno if you didn't show anyone you'd be smoking that shit now.

    Yes All rippers have it coming to them...never been ripped...but then I don't show my Friends. So do what you must vat.
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