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    I just saw this commercial. Completely disgusting.
    I couldnt find the video but heres the script for it:

    Thanks ^ http://www.abovetheinfluence.com/the-ads/

    Open on STEVEN walking through a house party looking for a bathroom.

    He walks through the wrong door and is stopped by a guy who holds up a joint and offers him a hit.

    GUY: Want a hit?

    Steven stops what he’s doing, and we see a devil pop up on his left shoulder.

    DEVIL: C’mon, smoke it!

    Cut to the requisite Angel popping up on his right shoulder.

    ANGEL: Oh heavens no!

    Then on the left shoulder A stoner chick pops up.

    Stoner Chick: Dude, it’ll only make you a little stupid.

    Then on the right shoulder an astronaut, in full space gear and helmet, pops up.

    ASTRONAUT: You’ll ruin your future champ!

    Then on the left shoulder a pizza delivery man in his late 30s pops up.

    PIZZA DELIVERY BOY-MAN: Hey, I turned out okay, man.

    Then 4 of his teammates, in uniform, from the basketball team pop up on his right shoulder.

    TEAM: What about the team?

    Then Shakespeare pops up in front of them.

    SHAKESPEARE: This will not get thee into a good school.

    Then a 60s Flower-child type woman in her 50s with a smoker’s rasp pops up on the left shoulder.

    FLOWER-CHILD: Chill-lax. Cough-cough.

    Then his mom and dad pop up on his right shoulder.

    FATHER: Do you enjoy making your mother cry?

    We then cut to a shot where we can see all the people crowded on STEVEN’s shoulders arguing over what he should do.

    VO: The only voice that matters is yours.

    Cut to the GUY offering up the joint.

    GUY: So, do you want a hit or not?

    STEVEN: Nah, I’m good.

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    Sponsored by Office of National Drug Control Policy/Partnership for a Drug-Free America ®

    Fucking assholes. They all deserve a hot blunt shoved up their ass
  2. i really hate the one where they show a guy standing there and his friends are dressing him and putting things in his hands, like a joint... they imply that his friends made him smoke.

    and then they say "when you give up the right to choose, you give up what makes you, you"
  3. yeah like the dude smoking would wait for some rando to make a LIFE CHANGING DECISION to take A HIT of a J.... i'd ask once, then be like oh shit man you're trippin talking to yourself and shit ha ha ha more joint for me...
    P.S. why do all the kids in the above the influence seem to be tripping on hallucenogens... first the talking dog, then the alien abduction... these kids seem to be using more hardcore drugs already so why is weed such a big deal? lol
  4. Whenever I watch this commercial, I wonder why the fuck a straight-edge kid went a house party.
  5. SHAKESPEARE: This will not get thee into a good school.

    most ridiculous part of the commercial, i smoke marijuana and have for the past two years of my high school career, next year im going to Virginia Tech which is a good school. i was also excepted into 9 outa 10 schools i applied to including Miami which is a good private school. Marijuana did not have a negative affect on me and im sure a lot more people when it came to getting into a good school.

    i still thought it was so funny how they tried to connect pot with doing bad on video games hahaha
  6. Man I love the grimy guy in the back. Do they not understand that people don't offer a hit to get people hooked or some shit, it's called manners. Believe it or not smokers don't go around saying "hey, anyone want to smoke on this bud I had to pay to get and you aren't paying shit on?"

    Also, what type of party only has one guy smoking? Hate to say it above the influence but the guy with the weed is sometimes the life of the party. Wait, I don't hate to say that. Fuck above the influence.

    I'm thinking of doing some graffiti soon that's against these guys.
  7. How come alcohol commercials come off so friendly? That's another thing that bother's me..
  8. They have rain out of steam on telling us even why you cannot smoke cannabis. Those fucking douches

  9. I know, this fucking kills me. The one above the influence commercial were the girl is completely knocked out on the chair and has shit wrapped around her, drawn on her, and people fucking with her is OBVIOUSLY NOT A SUBJECT OF MARIJUANA. That should be an anti-alcohol commercial, because she obviously spent too much time hitting the bottle that night.

    That or someone slipped her a date rape drug, how about a "WATCH WHAT YOU DRINK MORON" commercial?

  10. Whenever I write, which is very infrequent now because of where I live, I donate it to norml, as I wouldn't be doing myself any good with my lack of ability, but you can get the message across without much skill...
  11. I like the Harold and Kumar Go to White castle one.

    There is a guy in an office and someone walks in and offers him a hit. Reluctantly he takes said hit. These are along his words: "I am so high, I can do anything!" The man picks up a shotgun and shoots himself in the head. A message pops up that says "MARIJUANA KILLS". They really to get that shit on TV.
  12. Hopefully at Virginia Tech you'll finally learn the difference between except and accept. :wave:

  13. hahaha i remember that

    and i saw the OP's said commercial

    not fucked up, just misguiding
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    I like that ad, it doesnt really ahve to do with weed so much. Just that you should be above the influence of other people on YOUR lif, so if you smoke weed, but it was YOUR choice and you didnt do it because of someone else, its ok

    Also i agree on the alcohol ads, it bacmae illegal to promote cig ads on TV, they should do the same for alcohol. Except those people are the ones paying for these bullshit ATI commercials.
    NO WHERE do they state ANY facts OR ANYTHING about WHY YOU SHOULDNT smoke weed.
    All they say is dont do it cuz its bad, and i could say that about everything in America.
    But op i really hate that one, its so annoying, and i know its gonna pop up while im loading the bong, one of those alwys does

  15. I didnt say it waas fucked up.

    The parts that got me particularly mad was the way the kid that smoking looked and how the one person was like, "itl only make you a little stupid"(sarcastically).

    Also, theyv sunk to trying to guilt us into not smoking because our mothers will cry apparently.
  16. THIS is my absolute favorite one!

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nSQWdLPcmy4]YouTube - above the influence flat[/ame]

  17. and the kid looks like he has tobacco in his lip anyways so mayb they should be doing some tobacco commercials.
  18. You think they would ever want to tell society that cigarettes are BAD for you?!?! no fuyckin way they are taxing that shit way too much just so they can go and put out all this anti weed bullshit
  19. I hadn't seen this one before, nor the one where the girl was drawn on. First of all, weed does not make you pass out, unless you have a shitload. For example, yesterday I had two brownies (special) in one day, so I was tired as shit and fell asleep at 10:30. My friends didn't draw on me, and that was the only night of Senior Week that I fell asleep that early. What do you expect? I'd been going to bed at 2:00 or 3:00 the past six nights and, as I said, I was high as shit on that second brownie and lying in a comfortable position. What do you expect?!

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