Fu<kin Mice!

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by RaZoR_2004, Apr 29, 2004.

  1. I had some lovely genetics gorwin along nicely, they were 4 weeks and just over 9-10" fuckin chewed the shit out of it, i had a bunch of fuckin leaves that all i could do was dry n roll joints. and it smelt so strong and got me pretty wasted, i could only DREAM of how good it would have been, i made a nice mouse friendly catcher, just so i can torture the little cunts.....

    :( peace out.... from sad me
  2. HAHA holy shit that's the coolest thing I've ever seen ^^

  3. Thats rough man. I feel ya
    *puts hand on heart*
  4. My damned ferret ate half of my batch of clones, My room mate left my door open and the little F##ker got in and went strait for the soft tender clones. He also ripped up part of my grow chamber. Damn animals.
  5. yea i know aye, i must have some infestation aye, fuckin little cunts, im gonna have some fun, got 1, grabbed a fire cracker and some sticky tape.... had a lil fun on the street, its funny seein them try to get away from it, then BANG! guts everywhere
  6. Have you ever seen sticky traps? They sell them at most stores(walmart) Talk about torture. We caught 3 mice this way a couple years ago.

    It was cold outside and i think i brought'm in with the firewood. Anyways when i found them(on different days) they were stuck on this sticky trap, the more they move the more body parts get stuck so this poor bastard is laying there squilling and bleeding tryin to pull itself free.

    Didnt see the need to kill it so i just threw it out in the dumpster n let it freeze in its own blood.

    It would be a good idea to set around your plants but do not touch it, plus it will catch any other bugs that cross it.

  7. LMAO
  8. HAHAHAAHHAH FUCK YEA! im gonna get me some of them, little bastards gonna b sorry, theres still more around here... therye shittn me off, as long as they dont go near my plants, ill b happy, but not until theyer all DEAD MUTHAS!
  9. Not too bad in some states, South Aus is pretty light, Canberra is not too bad, W.A has decriminalized, we can have 2 plants and 32g and not get a fine or criminal record.
    the other states are a bit more harsh, but hopefully we are on our way to being the next Holland.
  10. hey ppl.

    be a little more kind to ur fellow earthling.

    what comes around, goes around.
  11. lol i have to add this

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  12. hahahahahha yea i seen that, it brings back some good memories :)
  13. LOL, reminds me of the time about 5 of us were gettin loaded. One of the guys had a pet python and its lunch with him(a mouse).

    He kept the mouse in one of those little chinese food takeout boxes with the flap lid. We decided to smoke it out, so we roll a blunt, commense to smoke, and everytime someone took a hit, we'd blow the smoke in the box.

    By the time the blunt got low, one of my partners decided he would check on the mouse to see how it was taking it.
    As soon as he lifted the lid of the box, that little white mouse sprung out like a projectile right towards his face. What was more amusing than that is, the guy had an instant reflex and smacked the rat across the room against the wall.
    The whole incident lasted a split second, man I havent laughed that hard too many times in life, it was great.

    (the mouse was ok so dont go getting soft on me, until dinner was served of course)
  14. dats tru bout wat goes around comes around. Bad karma is no good for plants. Trust me
  15. dats tru bout wat goes around comes around. Bad karma is no good for plants. Trust me
  16. Hey I got an idea, about those forecrackers, shove a ladyfinger up the mouse's ass, that way it'll get all hyper and run around everywhere, until boom!!!

    -Dom it in the street though, cuz mouse shit all over the house isn't super cool!

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